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Build an awesome town!

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avatar Pintaloosa
Level 47 : Master Unicorn
Towns: we all love them! But sometimes, we run out of ideas to build them.
Not to mention, there are a lot of poorly built towns out there.
Here are some ideas and ways to make your town beautiful, populated, and fun.

1. Decide on the theme.
Every town has to have a theme, otherwise it's a disorganized mess. Unless you like disorganized messes, here are a few themes that you might want to try:
- Village in the mountains: build the houses in the side of a mountain, with a little path connecting them. It turns out looking pretty cool!
- Jungle village: a town where all the houses are in the treetops of the jungle.
- Underground city: pick a cave and build homes into the walls. Add a river, vines, grass, and flowers and you've got one awesome looking town!
- Modern flatland town: fashionably modern houses built on plots in a large, flat area.
- Fishing village: a wooden platform in the middle of the ocean can hold many quaint houses and docks.
- Skyland city: houses in the sky. Need I say more?

2. A good foundation makes a good town.
I know, I know, you want to start building your town right away. But as I said earlier, this might cause it to become a disorganized mess.
Here's a little to-do list before you start building anything:
- Flatten the area.
- Remove trees/bushes/ponds/etc that are in your way.
- Build roads. Make sure they are at least 3 blocks wide! (nobody likes cramped, narrow roads)
- Make road names. This may seem silly, but it helps keep you from getting lost. Examples: Tree Road, Pond Street, Village Lane, etc. Plus, it's fun to say, "I live at 52 Mockingbird Lane!"
- Make plots. Plots may be annoying to make, but do you REALLY want your neighbour building his addition in your lovely backyard? I didn't think so. :P
- Finally, decide on a good name for the town. It can be whatever you want. :)

3. Build the basics first.
Sorry, you can't build your five story mansion yet. Gotta start with the basics!
Here are some basics that should be built right away:
- Town hall: you can put a message board, plot list, rules, etc. here.
- Town spawn: nobody likes warping to a town and landing in a pile of lava. Make a pretty spawn for new people to start in.
- Store: stores are useful!
- A fountain: this seemingly useful ornament can instantly make a town gorgeous. Try it for yourself!

4. It's building time! YAY!
Finally! You can build houses now and invite residents.
- Be careful and don't invite just anyone to join your town. Some people might grief.
- If you are able to, turn off fire spread.

5. Make rules.
All good towns, in real life and Minecraft, have laws that keep them under control. Here are some good ideas for laws:
- You could put a ban on certain materials. e.g. Wood because it catches fire. Cobble because it's ugly. TNT because it's dangerous. Etc.
- You could get people to pay taxes. e.g. Donate 64 wood a week for building. Pay 5 diamonds per month to stay part of the town. And so forth.
- No one block towers.

6. Enjoy your town!
I hope this has helped you! Leave suggestions for more blogs. ;)

Pintaloosa is an amateur writer who loves blogging about Minecraft. Check out her YouTube channel: SugarcookieNom. Also, she'd love to play Minecraft with you. Just message her a server IP and she'll hang out with you.
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