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Build Spotlight #1: FirstBank Plaza

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Level 20 : Expert Architect
In honour of New Blockston's 1st birthday, we'll focus on some of our favourite buildings within the world. First up: the FirstBank Plaza!

Location: Financial District, at the corner of Gaisley St & Newport Rd. Closest subway station: Gaisley (Lines 1, 2 & 6)

Inspiration: The TD Towers in Toronto, Ontario

In-World History: Located at Newport & Gaisley, the financial heart of New Blockston, FirstBank Plaza was built in the 1960s in an attempt to show up FirstBank's historic rival, the New Blockston Imperial Bank; it is located directly across the street from the NBI tower. While none of the towers in the complex are as tall as the NBI tower, overall, there is much more office space available. To make way for construction, many early parts of the New Blockston Financial District were torn down: all that remains of the former site is New Blockston's Customs House, which is now incorporated into the base of the third tower. Today, the plaza consists of three towers and a banking pavilion.

DOWNLOAD (with the rest of the city of New Blockston): City of New Blockston v1.3
CreditChunky for the building rendering!

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