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Building 1:1 in Minecraft [Height] (EASY) Pt. 1

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MCParksMinecraft's Avatar MCParksMinecraft
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Hey, due to the wild popularity of my previous post over the past few days, I decided I would make a second one.

Last post, I discussed how to outline on angles in intervals of 90 starting at 0. This time, we'll swerve away from the layouts and outline and we'll focus on height. This is a lot less complex as far as Minecraft placement goes but, there is much more math involved. Due to this, there aren't as many visuals that I can add in, I'll just try to describe it as best as possible.

Some things you'll need:
  • A ruler
  • Image of build head on (Can't be looking up or down)
  • Calculator
  • Scrap Paper

So, the first thing we need to do is find a picture of the build. A head up frontward picture would be the best. Try not to get one that'll be pointing up or anything where the center of the photo isn't flat.
Good Photo:
Bad Picture:

Do you notice the difference? We need it to be flat because the way of finding our height is a very "unorthodox" way of finding the height. This is most useful in something like Cinderellas Castle in Walt Disney World more so then, the Empire State Building in NYC because it's just one point instead of a collection of spires and towers.

So, now we have our nice picture.
Pull out your ruler.
Measure the height from top to bottom on your screen.
I'm going to make up a fake number and say: 10 inches.
Now we google search: "Empire State Building Height"
Google tells us:1,454' (443 m)
Perfect. For example uses we'll round that out to about, 440 meters tall. That equals 440 blocks tall and is a nice number for us to work with four our ten inches.
Now, what we want to do is set up a proportion.

Inches.......................................... Inches(X)
-------------------- ======== -------------------------
Actual height......................... Actual height(Y)

Ok, so you can currently fill in the first inches with 10 and the actual height with 440.
Now all we need is the X and Y. To find the X, just measure the next height you want to find from bottom to the highest point of your next measuring subject. Now, that you have that... Let's say it's 4. So, now all we need is the Y. You'd find the Y by just solving the proportion.
If done correctly you should get "176"
That's the next height.

And, like I said, it's a very unorthodox method of measuring height but, it get's the job done and done correctly.
I hope you enjoyed this part. Thanks for reading!

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09/13/2014 7:02 am
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What happens if you want to build a building that is not famous. Like a Hotel?
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