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Building a Strong Faction: Tips and Tricks

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Buidling a Faction can seem like a very scary thing when you are starting out new.
Before creating your own Faction it is best to find a place that is far away from spawn. You should spend the first 30 Minutes searching for a suitable location.

Near Spawn
Near another Faction
Landlocked Areas

Mountain Top

Underwater Ravine

Ideal Location
Mushroom Island

Obviosuly it is a bad idea to build near Spawn or other Factions.
Choosing an area that is flat or completly surrounded by land with no water escapes means large areas to be attacked from.

Ideally you want as much water around your base as you can get, Building beneath the ocean makes it difficult for Enemies to try and attack you, Finding a ravine/mineshaft beneath the ocean allows for you to easily gather resources.

Since it is rare to find a Mushroom Island, Finding one on a Factions Server is even Greater, Since no hostile mobs spawn on Mushroom Islands it can be in your best interest when starting out.

Remember to collect wood and saplings while exploring.

Now That You have found a suitable location to start your Faction.
Begin by building/mining out a small area to store everything and get a decent enough area before coming up with a name.

The Name

Picking out a good name is Key when trying to recruit others as well as setting your presence on the server.
Try and pick a short name using as little words as possible.
If the name is more than one word use capitilzation to signal different words
Avoid names that could make people think your Faction is going to rob them




The name is your Image. Choosing a Name with meaning can make people want to flock towards your faction.
Once you have a name picked it is time to claim some land.
But Before you do change your faction to
/f open false
This will stop unwanted players from joining your faction against your will.

A key element of Factions is the ability to claim land
In order to claim land you need Power(some faction servers require you to have money as well)
It is important to manage your power
To check how much power you have(or others) do /f p [Name]
Starting out you will have 10 Power
Your Power shows how much land you can claim without another faction being able to overclaim it.
Never Claim as much land as you do power.
You should never have more than half of your max power ever claimed at any time.

To check how much power your faction has do /f f
It will show your land/power/maxpower
If you have not claimed any land or died recently it will show this 0/10/10
After you have claimed a little bit of land and /f sethome
You can start to recruit.

It is best to recruit people you are familiar with, either from the Server or from Real Life
The Ideal amount of people you want in your faction is anywhere between 8 and 13 people
This gives you plenty of flexibility in terms of claiming land, raiding, or defending.

While it is important to get players to join your faction you must be cautious of Faction Jumpers, Spies, as well as Trolls/Griefers.
Some Faction Servers have things already in place to aid in stopping this

Your Faction

Your Faction is made up of several Ranks
there is The Leader, Officers, Members, and Recruits
Recruits are able to use your /f home but that is about it
They can However cause you to lose power.
Members are able to use chests, furnaces, anvils, doors, etc.
Officers are able to invite others to your faction as well as promote/demote or kick your members
They are able claim land and unclaim it as well
It is best to only promtoe a Member to Officer if you know them IRL or if you are good friends on the server.

Remember to offer supplies to some of your new members.
Do not demand, ask. Players like having a leader who does not lead with an Iron fist

Have Plenty of Spawners that give your Faction Members something to grind on, The more your faction grows the more options you will have for them to do.
As The Faction Grows the easier it will become for everyone to become rich.

Other Factions
It is important to avoid Larger Factions that would be able to crush/overwhelm you
Never teleport people into your faction that are not part of it.
If you are meeting an ally meet them at Neutral/Non-PVP locations

Diplomacy is Key

It is always a good idea to forge positive relations with Powerful Factions, Even if you dislike another faction it is best to play as you need to.
If a Faction is causing chaos or has gotten to a point where many seperate factions want to destroy it, it gives the perfeect chance for multiple factions to overpower it.

Try and be diplomatic towards smaller factions.
If another faction is constantly getting destroyed by a stronger one you can swoop in and abosrb their faction, taking their members means a stronger faction, plus they will be loyal to you if you stand against the Agressing Faction.

It is important to keep watch of your power.
If a faction member is dieing too often warn them that they need to stop otherwise they will be kicked from the faction
Do not troll other factions and do not pick fights that you are unable to defend against possible attacks.

Closing Items
While you are building your faction you should worry about gathering supplies.
Do not begin attacking other factions until you have a decent set of Diamond Armor
You should keep up to date on what other Factions are doing, You never know when a large Faction may disband causing more people to be Factionless

Socialize with other Factions and keep postive relations rather than trying to be a Faction of Killers
Don't Structure your faction as a Monarchy/Dictatorship, Sturcture it more like an Oligarchy or a Socialist/Communist Faction

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12/15/2014 10:14 pm
Level 25 : Expert Artist
ctowncrafter's Avatar
What good faction servers do you recomend? Its actually quite hard to find a faction server, and if you do, they are normally cruddy. Any you recomend?
12/14/2014 8:17 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Grump
MonarchOfMadness's Avatar
Also in the latest factions update, you need to add money to your factions account to claim land.
/f money <deposit/withdraw/d/w> <amount>
12/14/2014 5:03 am
Level 27 : Expert Ninja
Donit's Avatar
Nice Tips! :D
12/14/2014 1:22 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Fisherman
biggles982's Avatar
Factions are kinda rare now-a-days.
12/14/2014 1:21 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Warrior
Treyvaderxio's Avatar