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Call of Duty: World at War: Sniping - Rant/Guide

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avatar Spartains
Level 28 : Expert Dragonborn
So yesterday, I was talking with my friend on steam about how sniping is completely messed up in the modern COD games. We were talking about how you aren't really allowed to sit down and pick guys off for your team. You can only "360 MLG PRO NOSCOPEZZZZ" people anymore and if you don't your a bad player apparently. Now I know most of you right now are saying "We don't care, COD sucks anyway!". What if I told you there used to be a time when COD wasn't "futuristic MLG PRO"

------------------------------------------------------------------------|Situational Sniping---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Way way back in 2009, a game came out called "Call of Duty: World at War". The last WW2 game in the series. This (to the older COD players, like me) was one of the best games in the entire franchise! The game was VERY well balanced, the maps were amazing, multiplayer was just awesome in general in this game. This truly was one of the best (if not THE best) game in the series. But what I want to talk about here today... is Sniping! (Dun dun dun!). Yes, the thing that most COD players these days are famous for! It never used to be Quickscoping and Noscoping only though. In WAW (World at War), sniping was something to be proud of! Sniping in WAW was challenging, as players knew how snipers acted in that game... Let me explain.
Snipers in WAW worked like this: "Hmmmm, what would the best vantage point be on this map to snipe from...? ...Ah! The church tower!" See, sniping back then took skill. You had to know where to be, when to be.
So, you have a tank rolling in on Outskirts, the gunner on top is taking out your guys one by one as he sees them, what do you do? You could switch to your Bazooka class if you have one! Or run up behind it and stick a bomb on it! But those are pretty tough thing to do if your in a combat zone. What your best option is, is get up in a building or tower, sit down with your sniper and snipe the guy out of the gunner station! That way your team can get out there and destroy the rest of the tank! 
Or some guy is in a building across from you in an MG nest, you could get a grenade in the window. But what if hes to far away or you can't get close enough to the building without getting shot? This is where snipers come in handy. Get someone to go as sniper and take him out or switch to sniper your self and take him out so your guys can move up!

Don't even get me started on counter sniping...
-----------------------------------------------------------------------|Maps made for Sniping|------------------------------------------------------------------------
Short and sweet, here are the best maps for sniping!


{Honorable Mentions}

-Revolution (Wasn't the best map for long range sniping, but it made for some intense medium range sniping)
-Banzai (Lots of cover, but the map was cluttered and if your trying to move while scoped it, you often run into props.)
-Courtyard (Again, much like Banzai. Lots of cover but extremely cluttered.)
-Knee Deep (Had lots of good cover and grass to hide in, but it was a pretty small map.)

-----------------------------------------------------------------------|Sniping in COD now...|------------------------------------------------------------------------

It sucks. Going to be honest here, the community has just gotten worse with this whole MLG sniping thing. The devs aren't helping either! They encourage this type of gameplay, even treyarch does now! Treyarch used to be the good guys in all of this, the ones we could go to when we needed a classic COD game. Activision died after most of the devs from MW2 left to work on Titanfall, taking the last hope of another classic COD game with them... COD sniping and COD in general will never be the same. Black Ops 3 is coming here in a few months, and I'm not impressed with how this game is turning out to look.

I'll see you all later! Stay classy, stay cool, keep gaming!

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