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Call to Battle 2 || Update Review || Afrika Update 5.5

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Hello! Today I will be reviewing and discussing the latest update of the magnificent Call to Battle 2 Minecraft modification.

If you don't play it, you should! It's a great historical game, going back into the battlefields of WWII.

Supporting is also a great way to bring out more factions, guns, and more!

That's enough about the mod itself. Let's talk about the latest update, the Afrika Update.

In this update, we find ourselves with DAK uniforms and British Khaki Drill uniforms. History lesson: The DAK was the German expeditionary force during the North African Campaign. DAK is short for Deutsches Afrikakorps.

British Commonwealth forces usually wore Khaki Drill uniforms, as it blends in with the desert lanscape, and was light, so you don't have to sweat to death in them.

Now, going back to the update, we are given a few new maps!

1. Bardia. This absolutely wonderful map was made by RussianPotato! The combat here is really close up, make sure you have your bayonets fixed! The combat starts to distance once the Brits assault the main fortress, but beware of those MGS!

Call to Battle 2 || Update Review || Afrika Update 5.5

Grizzled British veteran after the fight:

Call to Battle 2 || Update Review || Afrika Update 5.5

British Bren Gunner, getting ready to support his men at the front:

Call to Battle 2 || Update Review || Afrika Update 5.5

Italian soldier, ready to defend the Artillery piece with his life:

Another Italian, ready to retreat from his position, British tommy's hailing lead upon him:

The mighty Italian Fortress!

An Italian soldier, manning a Machine gun to take down the British forces coming up ahead!

A clueless technician, who knows what he's doing with the gun

2. Kasserine Pass. This map was made by..... AngryLoyer, an creative, awesome map builder, modeler, and main dev and now owner of the mod! Also by, ACLL, a great map maker, also modeler. See if you can find his Planet Minecraft page, he makes sometimes posts his creations there! Last but not least, ConnorTheBest! Connor is skilled building-wise, and makes awesome models! all nice guys in general!

A DAK soldier assaulting American-held trenches!

German soldier aiming his Karabiner 98k at an allied soldier

Main road of the map. I've always liked this part, diving into craters before an enemy shoots you in the face. It's a fun map, please, try it out if you haven't already!

A brave American comes face-to-face with an Italian soldier, in the Town Hall!

American soldier defending the rugged terrain of the desert in a fox hole, last point of defense in this map!

3. Gazala. This absolutely authentic map shows how well ACLL and AngryLoyer work together! A masterpiece of a map, trenches, tanks, and artillery galore!

Desert combat was brutal, almost like WWI again!

DAK soldier coming too his senses after he was shot in the arm

German soldier about the throw a stielhandgranate into a gun emplacement, but he has company. (ignore that big mound of blocks o'er there)

4.El Alamein. The map that will be played after the Normandy Rematch event! This sick-looking map was made by the CtB build team! Hey, a moment of silence for their hard work....

Can you see the sniper?

Don't worry, we're all done with the maps!

Call to Battle is releasing a Free France kit pack, which will FUND FRANCE FOR CTB!

Beardielover, the original mod owner simply didn't want France. But things have changed.

This is a big deal since most of the devs are sick of people suggesting France and all. Oh, and another thing, if you are going to join their discord, which is found on the main menu of the mod, Read the rules AND faq. ( so you don't embarrass yourself in front of the LOYER...) I'm a moderator at the moment, feel free to ping me with anything you need to ask, or any other staff member. Oh also, don't forget about AFTERSHOCK! Your screen starts shaking like crazy after explosions, and making it REALLY hard to aim!

here some pics you nerd lol oh and here is the page where you buy it: https://ctb2.com/product/760

CreditMe for taking the pics and typing this, and Connor for the great posing, as well as the people who build these fantastic maps!

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