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Calvin and Hobbes Play Minecraft: Greytopher Contest

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avatar Turtleshell_Luck
Level 52 : Grandmaster Turtle
This is my entry for Greytopher's Story Contest. I used a "Calvin and Hobbes" a popular comic in newspapers made by Bill Watterson from 1985-1995. I made a comic that had nothing to do with Minecraft into one! Hobbes is the Tiger(Calvins stuffed animal who only he sees as real), Calvin is the boy.

"So, if you like that new video game so much, why are we hanging out outside?" asked Hobbes.

"Well, my character Steve died, and I worked so hard, and I realized it was all for nothing if I just lost it" answered Calvin.

"So you're just gonna stop playing Minecraft?" asked Hobbes.

"Of course not, I'll just swipe Mom's credit card later and buy a real account!"

"And that will get your items back?"

"I assume so, I mean if it costs money, its gotta be better for me, right!"

"By that logic, the 50,000$ tigers at the zoo that would eat you are better than me"


*Hobbes hits his head due to Calvin's ignorance*

"Its a shame my Steve died though... I had 2000 dirt! No lie" began Calvin

"I'm pretty sure you're supposed to do more than just gather dirt" replied Hobbes.

"Oh please, why would they put all that dirt there then?" said Calvin

*Hobbes slaps his head again..,*

"What happens to your Steve when he dies by the way?" asked Hobbes

"Well I could either respawn him.... but thats a lot of work, so i assume he goes to Minecraft Heaven, where all the dirt is made of gold, and the scary faced green guys don't blow me up when I try to give them dirt."

"Is that what you really think heaven is?" asked Hobbes

"In Minecraft, Yes, but hmmm........"

by Bill Watterson

"Think Steve'll play Saxophone with us?" asked Calvin.

"I assume, I mean why should we have to, and not him" replied Hobbes.

"Well, he's just a video game character."

"And we're just cartoon characters in a comic"

"Hey, what did I tell you two about breaking the fourth wall?" said Bill Watterson (Author of this comic)

"Whoops.... think Calvin change the subject.... Hey! Lets go try and make play Minecraft again!... but this time...-"

"We actually survive and play the game right?" asked Hobbes.

"NO! We get 2000 blocks of.... sand!"

*Hobbes slaps his head....again, and again...*

"There we go Hobbes, 2000 sand, nice work Steve! and no saxophones either!" said Calvin proudly.


*Calvin Dies by creeper*

"So.. are you gonna respawn and actually play?" asked Hobbes hopefully.

"Nah... lets go outside...."

*Hobbes then slapped himself on the head.... again"

The End
CreditBill Watterson, author of Calvin and Hobbes.

08/31/2012 1:50 am
Level 31 : Artisan Zombie
Dang I've been looking throught the books since I was 3 or 4 and began reading them at 5. to this day I still like them. thanks for posting.
08/31/2012 8:03 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Turtle
No, Thank you for reading and such a thoughtful comment. I love Calvin and Hobbes too. I love how it has followed me from my early childhood, to now, when I can truly understand a lot of the jokes Calvin/Hobbes makes.
08/30/2012 11:32 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Pig
Y'know, it's fun to see my name also on the front page. :) Good job, may the best man win!
08/31/2012 6:10 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Turtle
haha, I know the feeling of seeing people say your name, I agree, its a fun feeling.

Thank you!
08/30/2012 5:02 pm
Level 21 : Expert Pokemon
i love calvin and hobbes my mom got the collection for me
08/30/2012 5:41 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Turtle
Awesome! I have the collection too!
08/30/2012 12:55 pm
Level 26 : Expert Nerd
this is one of the first blogs i actually like
08/30/2012 4:53 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Turtle
Thanks! And thanks for the comments on my other blogs too. It means a lot! Glad I could write one of your first enjoyed blogs! Are you a Calvin and Hobbes fan as well?
08/30/2012 10:55 pm
Level 26 : Expert Nerd
Of course! Calvin and Hobbes is amazing. I've read the whole collection (all 10 years) countless times.
08/30/2012 8:41 am
Level 49 : Master Creeper
That's awesome
08/30/2012 9:39 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Turtle
08/29/2012 11:38 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Network
:D this is awesome
08/29/2012 11:46 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Turtle
08/29/2012 10:17 pm
Level 45 : Master Slime Tamer
I don't think you have ever posted anything I didn't like. :) And this is no exception.
08/29/2012 10:19 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Turtle
Thank you! That means so much!
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