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Can someone please link me a 1.7.3 bin folder for modding?

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Dredix's Avatar Dredix
Level 32 : Artisan Scribe
I cannot get a normal binfolder which is exactly what I need so i would be extremely grateful if someone would just send me a bin folder. Like I dont know just put one on mediafire and link me that or just send me one via email to Optimal-forge@hotmail.com whoever does this will probably get a good rank on the server that Me and someone else are creating such as OP or VIP one of the two.

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09/02/2011 4:51 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Hero
sed11's Avatar
u know u can just delete your bin folder then play minecraft which makes a new bin folder thats fresh

then use that right???

Because dragging it out and playing minecraft still will install another bin folder but there r still 2.

And if you delete a bin folder non of your worlds will be deleted.the world deleting only happens when deleting the whole minecraft folder.