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Can The Build Be TOO Detailed? (Pop-Reel!)

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Level 25 : Expert Spelunker
Hello everyone! This is going to be my very first blog!

The topic of this Blog is about Minecraft projects, and their new "need?" for detail to become popular. Lately, I have noticed people starting to juice this whole detail thing even more. Making small things people will never see, masses of texture, and so on in their projects.

But is there such thing as too detailed?

In my personal opinion, yes, like skins, there can be too much detail in Minecraft build projects.

My reasons for this opinion are based upon only what I like to see in projects.

1- I like the project to be detailed, but not over done. I find too much detail can make a possibly beautiful project, messy.
This isn't the dirt messy, or the "I didn't try too hard" messy. This is the too many things too look at, and/or take in at once, messy.

Good Detail:
Good Detail (Opinion)

Messy Detail:
Messy Detail (Opinion)

2-Another reason I have the opinion of projects becoming too detailed is the time spent. Time is spent by both the creator, AND the viewer. Both of these people took time out of their day for the project. Viewers may either download the map, or leave the page, depending on if they like the project. The ones that do download it then view it. Too much detail can make the viewer overwhelmed, and not want to explore the project, possibly losing the creator a diamond, or favorite. They will then delete the world, or pretend to their friends that they made the map, instead of exploring, or blowing up the map. This would have been time wasted for the viewer. The creator's of the project would then not get proper credit for the time they spent on the map. This would then be a waste of the creators time.

3-My final reason is because of lag. Not many players have beefy computers that can fully handle the energy required to keep solid FPS, and explore a detailed map. They would probably leave the world after experiencing heavy FPS drops. Then this goes back to time. It wasted both the viewers time, and the creators, because the viewer didn't explore his detail.

Anyway. That is my opinion. What do you think? (Blog made by 0Smorez0)


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Thanks everyone for the support on my first blog! Over 80 diamonds, my first popular-reel, and many very interesting comments!

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09/22/2013 12:11 am
Level 32 : Artisan Toast
Unnatural avatar
I do agree with this, but I think your bad detail example is not comparable, it is not a build with any form, just a wall, it would be more helpful, I feel if you replaced it with a build that you feel is TOO detailed
08/06/2013 8:49 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Blob
gabe4356 avatar
I agree, this tends to happen with a lot of the famous map makers, once i try to play cake defense. My computer could not handle all of the red stone, and minecraft crashed. But zombie Apocalypse, the map that hypixel made, it is way to detailed, there are houses that you can't even SEE, unless you get on creative. Not that that's a really bad thing about maps, but just saying.
08/06/2013 5:42 pm
Level 24 : Expert Pony
tomvdb99 avatar
I wouldn't call your messy detail 'detail', it just a whole bunch of blocks smashed together
08/06/2013 6:01 pm
Level 25 : Expert Spelunker
BumbleNetwork avatar
Is that not messy...? Blocks smashed together? Irrelevant detail?
08/07/2013 6:44 am
Level 78 : Legendary Magical Girl
pigonge avatar
I think putting different variation of blocks on the same layer isn't detail.
It really needs some depth to be called a detail.
08/07/2013 3:26 am
Level 24 : Expert Pony
tomvdb99 avatar
I didn't say it wasn't messy, i said it wasn't detail
08/06/2013 12:36 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Pirate
Lightning393 avatar
I agree.
Too much static/detail can bring the viewer's eyes away from focal points. This essentially just drags the viewer's eye all over the build, keeping it away from where they need to look, and the static can drown out the actual structure of the build.
08/05/2013 11:47 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Architect
xBayani avatar
It depends, I suppose. All builders have different styles, and many very talented builders seem to use the style you're describing as "messy." The image you used for the messy example is a bit confusing, as I know the style the builder was going for, but it wasn't executed well. The wall pattern is incoherent and the ladders on the supports are unnecessary. Something like this build I did myself I would consider the same style of detailing, though perhaps executed better. I sometimes like this style of detailing though I would agree other styles such as lynchyinc's are also great.

In my opinion, there are a few good different styles of detailing. One would be lynchyinc's style shown in your post, which shows detail in the things like the chimneys, windmills, pipes, interior, and the abstract design of the houses themselves. He doesn't use very 'detailed' walls but it doesn't make the build under detailed as he uses these other methods to provide detail. I prefer this style as I believe that these smaller builds with interesting, in depth interiors, houses, and designs make a more enjoyable build than say a large cathedral with extremely detailed walls but empty interior and surrounding.

Maybe you disagree though, I know some people don't like the style I showed above in the picture of my build, but I think it just depends on each builders style and preference. I'd have to agree with lynchyinc's earlier post though, that knowing how to use both these techniques will allow you to make a better build. A nice house with well 'detailed' walls is good, but adding great interior to it, a nice surrounding, and interesting aspects such as those I mentioned above will make it great.

Like I said though, I don't think one person's definition of well detailed is necessarily the correct definition. All builders have different styles and preferences, and no one is right to tell them their style is right or wrong.
08/05/2013 9:54 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Lava Rider
ObbyCow77 avatar
I agree :3
08/05/2013 8:45 pm
Level 25 : Expert Ranger
kidpaler avatar
I think that minecraft is going through the phase that computer games have gone through. A while back people just played new games because they were more realistic even if the gameplay was utter crap. Now we play games that look like crap but have excellent gameplay, and I think people will realize soon that detail, while nice and pretty, doesn't really affect what's on the inside.
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