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5 Lighting Techniques You Need to Know

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avatar Hive_Mind
Level 26 : Expert Engineer
When it comes to Minecraft, lighting is almost as essential as food. While it may not prevent you from starving, lighting up an area will keep hostile mobs away and allow you to see better when night falls.

Everyone is familiar with the humble torch, but maybe you're looking for lights which are easier on the eyes. Look no further: these 5 video guides will get you out of the dark and into the light, with style.

1) Nearly-invisible Lighting
Without using visible lighting blocks, which can clash with some designs, players may think they're left with no options but darkness.

This groundbreaking tutorial by popular YouTuber TurtleDep shows otherwise. You can light up an area using nearly invisible light: nothing will show except little particle effects, and the warm glow of the light.

2) Bed Lighting / Fluorescent-style Lights
Perhaps you're looking for something which feels more professional. For offices, stores, or just a more "clean" looking home, this tutorial by Minecrafter and YouTuber EricHaines has you covered.

These lights blend seamlessly with the design of your building, and work with everything from Modern to Rustic build styles.

3) Floor Lamps
For builds with tall ceilings or wide rooms, it can be hard to find the perfect lighting, as lights on the walls and ceiling may be too dim. This leaves you with two options: put the lights in the ground, or build a few floor lamps.

This tutorial by the well-known Youtuber Zueljin Gaming takes the second approach. Utilizing a wide variety of materials, Zueljin builds more styles of lamps than you may think possible!

4) Hidden (Not Invisible) Lighting
Not to be confused with the nearly-Invisible lighting from earlier, this tutorial by established YouTuber Baidwan97 shows you how to build hidden lights.

These are standard lights, like torches or glowstone, placed in a way which makes them invisible, except for the glow of the light. Great for Survival Only players, who would not be able to utilize the nearly-invisible lighting.

5) New Lighting Blocks from 1.9
1.9 was recently released for PC, and along with it, 11 new technical blocks which emit light! That's a lot of new ways to light up your builds.

This tutorial by cutting edge YouTuber samasaurus6 showcases all these new lighting blocks, including End Rods and special light-up blocks used only by Minecraft Developers.

In Minecraft today, we have more ways to light up an area than many of us ever would've imagined. By utilizing light-emitting blocks in creative ways, new lighting techniques are being developed every day. If you become familiar with the lights in these and other tutorials, you can have a light for every building style!
CreditVideos above produced by TurtleDep, EricHaines, Zueljin Gaming, Baidwan97, and samasaurus6, respectively.

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