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Captivating Viewers Attention For More Than A Minute, Advice?

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CrypticMorbid avatar CrypticMorbid
Level 23 : Expert Artist
So yeah I know I just started doing the whole YouTube ordeal, but looking at my videos statistics...they are watched for a minute. A skin that takes me varying hours to make that I shrink down to a couple minutes is still not enough to keep someone's attention...

Any advice as to keep the audience captivated with my videos?

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08/26/2022 12:48 am
Level 80 : Elite Jarl
Aspirin60 avatar
I think you make it good...Tell the audience a creepy story of the character for make it interesting, give some explanation or skinning tips and a 5-10 minute video is a ideal time, not too long, not too short...I like the Music in your vids...I'm sure with the time you become a pro and the audience will grow.
08/26/2022 4:21 am
Level 23 : Expert Artist
CrypticMorbid avatar
My new videos all have me telling a horror tale now, I removed the ones just showing me skin. I manage to have all my videos 4-10 minutes in duration, I now use sound effects to help tell the Tale and give it more impact, and music is still dark.

But it's still not enough for the audience, they don't care for the skinning part. They want what all these other boring channels do...play Minecraft for 10-20 minutes and have something spooky happen at the end...

I can pull it off, but was also thinking of doing animation instead to replace my narration videos but I'm still learning the ropes and that takes more time than skinning alone...

09/02/2022 12:10 am
Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
ThatCatWanderingTheGalaxy avatar
Tell them that if they want to get as good as you on spooky skins then its a good idea to watch
08/09/2022 10:20 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Network
OrderOfChaos avatar
It Is A Shame That People Can’t Watch That For More Than A Minute When You Have Put Hours Into It. It Reflects The Society We Live In Today. As For Recommendations, Logmaidens Voiceover Idea Sounds Good. You Could Talk About The Plan And Tips On Skinning, Or Just You Thought Process.
08/07/2022 11:03 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Warrior
LogMaiden avatar
Now I’m no media content creator but here’s my opinion as a viewer: needs more engagement with the audience. In your last video, with the bloodstone creature, you showed off the type of model you were going to use. In that moment, You could explain your plan in the first minute or so of the speedpaint— whether it be a voice over or just text on screen. Or all the text you have in the description of the video could totally be thrown into the video. You write awesome spooky tales, and those tales could be told as the monster is being created.

Bring your spooky personality into the video. Give them the good ol’ “welcome to the cryptic family”. :)
The length of your videos are great and the music is just the right vibe.
08/08/2022 1:12 am
Level 23 : Expert Artist
CrypticMorbid avatar
Good idea, text to screen story telling in regards to the skin. Glad the music and video editing are efficient, I will be sure to sprinkle my storytelling into the video.
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