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Cats vs Dogs

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Side note:this blog is not for dissing ppl or there cat/dog, it's just to dicuss the topic.One more thing don't point out typo's unless there rediculous.... and thre are always typos.

To start things off im a cat person, i love my cat (probably to much).That dosen't mean i hate dogs i have a dog aswell, but honestly i don't get her. I still get a lot more love from my cat even though my cat's attitude is:"Meh".
Now that aside i'll give a few argument's for cats, since i like my cat more,you can give argument's for dog's or cat's there are always more argument's(well untill we name them all).

Argument #1:Well dogs save lives and stuff,what do cats do?
Well cats don't really try, it's like comparing peaches and orange's.
Cat's aren't supouse to save lives, no matter how you want it peaches aren't going do "orangesh" stuff.Cat's are there to make you feel better. There are so called "negative" emotions
they are: rage,sadne's and etc.Now you might think : "Ohh,but what does that have to do with cat's?", umm almost everything, they are there to make you feel better when your down (wich sound's like a song tittle), not to save your life from a fire,drowning and such.

Argument #2 : A study showed : "
Bacteria found in kitty litter has been linked to an increased suicide rates in women."

Well that's weird and im not a scientist, but what i do know is that a sexsist joke is not a way out of this.Well after giving this more thought, the increase of suicide is only for women, and only a small percent of all suicide's.Now to better understand this matter we need know what causes this it's a called "toxoplasma infection", it sounds scary, but it's not scary 1/3'd of the population of the earth has it (that about 2 333 333 333 ppl).And very little ppl comitte suicide, and only women.So point proven.

Argument #3: Well cat's are for lazy ppl, you don't have to take them on walk's and play fetch.

Now this argument i like this is positive, sorta, lazy... not so much cat's require care (duh), and if your cat is enything like mine she always has to have her way, and her ''im hungry" be that at 5 am or 5 pm, means i have to get up and feed her. And cat's have to be litter box trained. So my point cat's are not for that lazy ppl.

Well 3 argument's are enough to get the topic started so if you own a cat/dog leave a comment w/ : are you a cat/dog person and why. If you don't have a pet or you have a pet like a turtle you can still join the discussion.
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