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Chapter 1 - The End Dimension

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This is based on the events of the origins SMP

Prologue, 12 Years ago POV, PRINCE RANBOO

"This enderman has disobeyed our tribe, the punishment is death." Boomed the judge. "Take them to the execution island, NOW!" Soon a crowd had gathered to watch the enderman and elytrian be sent to their death. Within seconds they were falling down, down, down until they were engulfed in the void below. Prince Ranboo's parents were sad as Machalite (the enderman) was their friend. The king and queen walked with their young prince to the house that used to belong to Machalite, Inside what they found surprised them, it was a young child, deep dark purple skin, black, purple and blue hair, navy blueish purple eyes and dark, silky wings. "Th-That's their child." Whispered all three of them together.

12 Years later POV, WHISPER

It was raining. Again. Whisper stood, looking out towards the dark grey sky. Today marked the day three years ago when she was banished from the end realm, Apparently it was because she didn't comply with the rules of the end. but everyone knew that it was actually as she was a hybrid of an enderman and elytrian, enderlytrian. She had spotted Ranboo, an elytrian, a bee, three chicken people, A ghost and many more as she stayed hidden in the mountains so she could say hello when she was ready.

It rained about 2-3 days a week, these were her least favourite days. Sometimes, she thought about moving to a desert, where it never rained and she could be forever outside. but then she would think of Ranboo and decide to stay. She got terrible headaches that lasted a few seconds before disappearing when a dangerous or strong storm was coming, so she had to be careful when it rained or was overcast in case a storm came.

One evening, Whisper was flying on the outskirts of where Ranboo and the other hybrids lived, shivering as small flurries of snow landed on her back and wings. Just as she was going to turn around and go to her cave, she was shot in the shoulder by a stray wearing iron armour and a bow in its hand. she screamed as the pain shot up through her shoulder, another arrow hitting her wing opposite before everything went black.


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