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Chapter 4 - The Village In The Deep

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_Whisper12_ avatar _Whisper12_
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Shadow clambered from tree to tree, dodging stray branches. They had only left the village 2 hours ago, yet it felt like an eternity had past since she was packing for this long journey. Whisper had no trouble weaving quickly between trees, gliding easily. Trotelot even did it quite well, but he often would crash into a large branch. Buster had given everyone who wasn't Whisper an elytra to wear. Shadow used the elytra to balance but would sometimes fly across to catch up to Chaos and Trot.

"We're almost at the cave we fled to." Buster called out to everyone a few hours later.

"Good." Whisper said, before adding, "I will go back to my house though, the one before I came to the town. It has my good weapons."

"Ok, bye Whisp." Trot said, before, again, almost flying into a tree branch.

- - -

Whisper easily manoeuvred between trees, her midnight-dusky-dark-grey wings adjusting as she flew. Her house was hard to see if you didn't know where to look, for two reasons, one, it was covered in leaves from a large jungle tree and two, it was made up high so you couldn't really see it. She flew up to it and snatched some diamond armour she had spare. Her small purplish-blue budgie, Lavender squeaked as Whisper let her hop on her shoulder before she flew back where the others were waiting towards the cave.

- - -

Sunni was relieved when she saw Buster come back, with a few others to help, She hadn't eaten anything but the three glow berries she packed hastily when the Warden escaped it's cavern.

"Hello!" Said on of the strangers, "I am Shadow, he is Chaos, this is Trotelot and she is Whisper."

"I can introduce myself Shadow." The one called Whisper growled.

"But would you?" Shadow smirked.

"FINE! You win. Anyway will someone come help me collect food for tonight?" Whisper asked, lifting into the air and grabbing an old, frayed book out of one of six leather bags.

"Um- I will." Sunni said, walking out of the cave. Whisper seemed nice enough, and plus, she wanted to show someone else that she can create silk, something that only one other person could do. Until they were killed by the Warden one fearful night.

"Thankyou, come on lets go." Whisper said, dropping back to the ground and opening her book as they walked into the undergrowth. "Anyway, what's your name?"

"My name is Sunni, spelt S-u-n-n-i." She replied, "How do you know so much about the forest?" She asked, as Whisper stopped at a bush.

"I grew up here, lived in the forest ever since The Incident. So you learn what is and isn't poisonous. Never eat those blue frogs over there, also I'm Buster's cousin." Whisper said, barely paying attention to anything but the conversation and finding food for everyone. "Do you have ay bags that I can put these into?"

"No, but I can make some."

"Wha- How?" Whisper said as a small coil of silk slithered from a small gemstone-like teardrop shape on Sunni's wrist.

"It's my secret, well one of them. I know you have many more too." Sunni said twisting and tying the now long piece of silk to create a sort of net.

"You are so cool." Whisper said, her face awestruck.

- - -

"So, what's are plan? Will we defeat the Warden or what?" Buster asked, he was ready to do whatever it took to save the village, even get himself killed.


Sunni is an oc that is based off an irl friend, she has dark brown hair not blonde. :)


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11/29/2022 6:01 am
Level 25 : Expert Artist
MerBatPhan89 avatar
Hey this is really good! (Now I have to read the other chapters. Rushes off to do that.)
11/28/2022 11:38 pm
Level 43 : Master Procrastinator
Angelonasher avatar
plot twist: i caused the incident /j

story very cool C:
11/29/2022 7:11 am
Level 31 : Artisan Enchanter
_Whisper12_ avatar
Plot twist: I'm still figuring out what the incident is XD
11/29/2022 7:06 pm
Level 43 : Master Procrastinator
Angelonasher avatar
whatever it is, i caused the incident
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