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Christian Weston Chandler: Is S/he Worthy Of Pity?- lovehermadly

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The name Christian Weston Chandler is one seldom heard nowadays, in the midst of unfunny Tide Pod memes and verified Twitter accounts ranting about Donald Trump. But ten years ago, "Chris-Chan" (as he’s* become to be known as) was the rage of the Internet; many "Christorians" (people who chronicle his life) consider him to be the first of many; the first Brony, the first Let's Player, and the first true Internet celebrity.

But, because of the sheer quantity of stories and controversies that involve him, I cannot explain all of his life in this one blog post. If I did, the actual point of this article would be drowned out by all the ridiculous mishaps that his has been a part of. As a result, you can explore his history in its entirety here. There are also multiple documentaries about Chris, such as this one.

Despite this, I will summarize his character as best as possible: Christian was born in 1982, and he was diagnosed with autism in his very early years. As such, he had difficulty forming meaningful relationships with people, and as a result, he had no real friends, apart from a group of girls who associated with him during his high school years, out of pure pity for him. Because he had no friends, he spent his time screwing around with his Gameboy camera, and producing Sonichu, a copyright-infringing series of poorly-made comics that was about a Pikachu that had fused with Sonic. After sites like 4chan, SomethingAwful and Encyclopedia Dramatica discovered his work, they began to endlessly harass him. The next two years of his life (he was discovered in 2007), became a literal hell, where trolls picked on him by making fake e-girlfriends and cheesy villains like Clyde Cash and The Man In The Pickle Suit to ruin his already-substandard social life. Eventually, he destroyed his Ps3 and cut himself off from the Internet completely in 2010.

Of course, the people who picked on him were unjustified in their actions; bullying in any form is unacceptable. What makes it even worse is that Chris is a disabled man, and his simply didn't know how to deal with it in a healthy way. Their fake girlfriends caused him to doubt the legitimacy of his own existence, since the only people he knew that were real was his late father and sedentary, disinterested mother, dubbed "Snorlax" by 4chan and Chris' trolls. They also humiliated him on camera by making him do pointlessly cruel and embarrassing things on camera, much of which is too perverse to discuss on this site.

But yet, Chris, despite his disability, is far from an angel. He scams the government and the average taxpayer by taking disability checks, while being able to hold a reasonable job (his worked at a Wendy's for month and a half and was also a salesman for Cutco, a knife-making company, for three months), and then consequently uses that money for Transformers and sex toys. The only real friend that he had (who was a girl) was constantly harassed by Chris, due to his never-ending "Love Quest", in which he believes that when his marries his true love, his entire life will somehow be perfect. In fact, Chris drew porn of himself performing sexual acts on his friend, and he claims if he hadn't done that, his would've ended up raping her. Chris also does not respond well to criticism or losing, as he threatened to kill the winner of a PaRappa the Rapper contest that he also took part in. He also nearly killed the owner of a local game store after he banned Chris from his business after he harassed some kids there. Additionally, he maced a GameStop employee after he tried to stop him, and he despises minorities and the LGBTQ community, despite him being a part of it, which is evident by his steadfast belief that gays are un-Christian.

So, is Chris-Chan worthy of pity? In a certain way, yes. hE was constantly harassed by his trolls, and their bullying caused Chris to cut himself off from the only place where his could interact with people.

But just because his was bullied doesn't mean that Chris is redeemable from what he did in the past. Sure, he might not be able to control his behavior, but that can't save him from what his did to his only real-life friend he had. Even with a disability, Chris should've known better than that; I know several people with autism just like Chris, and what he did just makes them look like heartless monsters who only care for themselves. More importantly, Chris' parents' should've kept a closer eye on his Internet activities, because if they did, a majority of what has happened to him would've been prevented. In short, Chris-Chan's case is a reminder that those who can be bullied aren't always an upstanding person (although bullying is still horrible in every way shape, and form).

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Update #3 : 06/24/2018 1:00:36 pmJun 24th, 2018

Got rid of s/he pronouns, considering Chris is still a male genetically

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>a CWC blog on PMC

I've seen everything now.
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never expected to see a post about chris chan on here.
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