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Hi, I run a YouTube channel named ChronoFury and this blog will be a compilation of all my Minecraft Mod Showcases/Reviews that I've posted to my channel thus far and will be regularly updated.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/ChronoFury and follow me on Twitter.

Latest Mod Showcase: Betterlands Mod (Better Badlands in Minecraft)

Previous Mod Showcases - Click to expand!
Challenging END GAME bosses in Minecraft! (Bosses of Mass Destruction Mod)

Starter Races/Classes in Minecraft (Origins Mod)

Realistic Apple and Golden Trees in Minecraft! (Apple Trees Mod)

Small Ships Mod (Drivable, Sailing Ships)

Inventory HUD+ Mod (Displays Armor Durability, Potion Duration)

Epic Fight Mod (Realistic Fight Animations)

Physics Mod (Realistic Physics & TNT Explosions)

Cinematic Camera Angles (Better Third Person Mod)

Minecraft with REALISTIC SOUNDS (Dynamic Surroundings Mod)

Tame and Ride Dragons in Minecraft! (Ice and Fire Mod)

The Better End Mod (Beautiful End Biomes)

Moobloom Mod

Create Custom Paintings with the Joy of Painting Mod

Sword Display Mod

Increase your FPS in Minecraft with a combination of the Lithium, Sodium and Phosphor Mod

Sodium Mod (a mod that increases your FPS in Minecraft MORE THAN OPTIFINE)


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