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avatar kingsmidget16
Level 48 : Master Slime Tamer

In this mod you will have two options. Option 1- play regular minecraft. Option 2- play with the mod. In this mod you spawn in a regular world like regular minecraft, the only thing different is that you randomly find a city spawned in your world, sorta like a village. Thus being different sized cities ,diffent types of buildings, different hieght of buildings ,and different types of cities bases of real life cities. Probally by now your think sweet other place for a free sleep or free grief. Nope!! If you try to grief a city or do a crime, cops will come after you. If they catch you, you will be forced to be put to slavery or start off brand new and loose everything in your inventor. Crimes like trespassing one others house without permission, killing others, stealing, and the most popular greifing. Another way to get out is money. You get money from doing good deeds for people such as getting 32 cobble for a person or getting 1 diamond. Each deed gives you different money pay depending on the deed .Also you could get a job as a constucter. Doing good deeds earn you respect, doing bad deeds subtracts respect. If you have more respect you get paid more and eventually could be the owner of that city. On the other hand ,getting negative respect allows you to do bad crime jobs for people. You can make a lot of money doing bad deeds, but the cops are still out there ready to bust you! And almost finally this world would have up to atleast 100 different Al so, so you dont see the same people over and over. If you want to get from city to city you could take a train! You can even try to rob a train! I think City Craft mod could be a intense ,fun ,and make minecraft go to a hole another level!


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12/14/2012 6:35 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Dragon
that would be awesome,seriously i agree!
12/15/2012 8:57 am
Level 48 : Master Slime Tamer
Hey Thx i would be awesome if you could diamond and maybe sub to me
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