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Minecraft has long been described as the game without any rules and is exactly why we love playing it so much. Its lack of instructions allows us to play and build however we want and whatever we want. As more and more of us explore the world of Minecraft and look at the possibilities of creating things in ‘virtual Lego’, we are able to create some really impressive models and structures. Cars are one of the most fun things to create on Minecraft. From classic cars to fire trucks, Minecraft allows there to be no limit on our creativity.

Classic cars have been featured in so many different games, so it only seems fitting that they existed in the pixelated world of Minecraft too! Using mods to update existing Minecraft software can be a fun way to take your designs above and beyond and some mods have included the addition of a 313 car, a jeep, a Ferrari, a van and a classic car. Each car can be entered and driven and have their own speeds, making for some exciting gameplay!

If you’re looking to further your creativity and want to model your very own Minecraft classic car then be sure to look at some of the handy videos that show you how to make them in detail on YouTube. Similarly there is a growing online community of bloggers who post their creations online which can also help you to get your creative juices flowing. Here at Planet Minecraft you can find a whole host of interesting classic car designs made by real players!

Building a classic car is not overly different to building a standard car in Minecraft. Firstly, begin with the coal block to act as wheels and place the front and back wheels 3 square spaces apart, with the adjacent wheels one square apart. Now, fix on the front part of the car next to the front wheels and decorate the front part. Now comes the part of adding the body and the driving tools. The seat wall comes next, after which it’s time to fix on the back. The top of the car and interior are fun parts and the floor, roof and door additions make the car ready to enjoy using! To add a classic car twist to your initial design, why not look on Pinterest to generate some ideas about things you can add to make the car look more like your favourite historical vehicles?

While you don’t need to insure a Minecraft classic car, you would certainly need to insure a classic car in the real world and that can be an expensive. Be sure to shop around and look at some of the more popular classic car insurance companies to ensure you get the best deal possible for you and your needs here: http://www.classiccarinsurance.org/

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