classifying all Minecraft mobs into the real life Animal Kingdom

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Now, this might get a little weird sometimes, and it might not make much sense most of the time as well, but i am going to attempt to classify all the mobs in Minecraft into the real life animal kingdom, otherwise know as Animalia (and yes that's its real name). anyways, shall we get started? how bout we start with the passive mobs, then neutral mobs, then utility mobs (which are basically the iron golem and the snow golem), then we'll move on to hostile mobs, and we will end with boss mobs. i am only including mobs that are in the current vanilla version of Minecraft, so nothing from Minecraft: Dungeons or older versions of minecraft
here we go...
Passive Mobs:
since some of these mobs exist in real life, it is easy to classify them as they are already in the Animal Kingdom
Bat - Mammals
Cat - Mammals
Chicken - Birds
Cod - Fish
Cow - Mammals
Donkey - Mammals
Fox - Mammals
Horse - Mammals
Mooshroom - now this is a hard topic, since technically speaking the Mooshroom is both plant and animal, so we couldn't really put it in a specific category, however we can shunt it between the subcategory of Fungi in the Plant Kingdom and Mammals in the Animal Kingdom.
Mule - Mammals
Ocelot - Mammals
Parrot - Birds
Pig - Mammals
Rabbit - Mammals
Salmon - Fish
Sheep - Mammals
Skeleton Horse - again another hard topic. since this horse is technically speaking dead, it wouldn't belong in any category. However, if we think of it as alive, it would be a Mammal, so we could call it an Undead Mammal i suppose, even if that isnt even a real category.
Squid - Mollusk
Tropical Fish - Fish
Turtle - Reptile (come to think of it, the Turtle is the only OFFICIAL Reptile in Minecraft)
Villager - since the Villager is sort of similar to Humans, and Humans are Mammals, we are gonna classify them as Mammals
Wandering Trader - Mammal (see note for Villager above)
Neutral Mobs:
again, most of these mobs exist in real life, so some are easier to classify than others
Bee - Arthropods
Dolphin - Mammals (yes they are actually Mammals and not Fish)
Llama - Mammals
Panda - Mammals
Polar Bear - Mammals
Puffer Fish - Fish
Trader Llama - Mammals
Wolf/Dog - Mammals
Cave Spider - Arthropods
Enderman - I dunno with this one really. I mean, they are kinda Human shaped, so... Mammals maybe? put some ideas in the comments below if u have a different idea
Spider - Arthropods
Zombie Pigman - again a weird mob that doesn't really fit anywhere on the list, but im gonna go with Undead Mammal again, since i think i'm going to have to use that term a lot more on this list.
Hostile Mobs:
Aight this gonna be a big list, so here we go
Blaze - and we already started with a hard one. i dunno with this one, cause this guy is legit made out of gasses and fire. maybe we can just do compromise and put it into the Matter category of Gasses/Plasma, but since i want to put them in the Animal Kingdom, imma go with... you know what i'm stumped. Put your ideas in the comments.
Chicken Jockeys - imma go with Undead Mammals + Birds on this one
Creeper - ah yes, the iconic face of Minecraft itself, now where do we put you? well, idk on this one either, but it looks pretty reptile-like to me. Plus it can survive in broad daylight, so yeah, lets call it a Reptile on this one. If u think different, put it in the comment section.
Drowned - all mobs that are simmilar to zombies or skeletons are going to be classified as Undead Mammals, cause i dont wanna keep doing detailed explanations that take 2000 years to write.
Elder Guardian/Guardian - Fish, cause they live in water, but they might be a relative of the LungFish cause, they can surive out of water.
Endermite - Arthropod
Evoker - all illagers are gonna be classified as Mammals in my books, cause they are kinda similar to Villagers
Ghast - hmmm, yeah i dunno, put your ideas in the comments for this one.
Husk - Undead Mammals
Magma Cube/Slime - again, can't really find a place where it might fit, leave it up to you guys to classify them.
Phantom - looks like a bat, but it's evil. Mammals it is.
Pillager - Mammals
Ravager - Mammals
Shulker - im going to go with Mollusk, since it reminds me of those little sea snails that hide in their shells, cause they are really soft and can get easily attacked.
Silverfish - Arthropods (the most annoying ones i can think of)
Skeleton - Undead Mammals
Skeleton Horesmen - Undead Mammals
Spider Jockey - Undead Mammal + Arthropods
Stray - Undead Mammals
Vex - a hard decision. these guys are kinda similar to ghosts, cause they can go through blocks and stuff, so maybe Undead Mammals. Not too sure, so you guys can brainstorm in the comments about this matter.
Vindicator - Mammals
Witch - Mammals
Wither Skeleton - Undead Mammals
Zombie - Undead Mammals
Zombie Villager - Undead Mammals
Utility Mobs:
these are mobs that are created by the player. These are the Iron and Snow Golem. Here's a fun fact, both of these can spawn naturally. Iron Golems spawn in villages with lots of Villagers, and Snow Golems can be created when Enderman pick up pumpkins and place them on top of a 2-block high snow pillar, although this occurance is VERY rare.
Iron Golem - since its made of metal, i might not classify it in the Animal Kingdom at all, since its more like a robot really.
Snow Golem - again, since its made of snow blocks rather than flesh and blood, it doesnt really belong in the Animal Kingdom.
Boss Mobs:
these are the really strong guys who have those sick drops if you kill em
Wither - Undead Mammal maybe? cause it is similar to the Wither Skeleton, only with 3 heads and its super powerful. Again, if u have the time, discuss in the comments.
Ender Dragon - its a freakin dragon, of course its a reptile!
Un-used Mobs:
these are mobs that are in the game but are not officially used in normal game-play
Giant - Basically a zombie of gargantuan proportions, so Undead Mammal it is.
Illusioner - legit a super OP illager with amazing powers and capabillities. Since it is a type of illager, im gonna classify it as a Mammal.
Zombie Horse - Undead Mammal

WOW that was a lot of writing on my part and a lot of reading for you guys, but i hope you enjoyed reading it, and i hope it makes you think a little bit differently about the various creatures that live in the world of Minecraft. Thanks! Mariocraft, out

01/08/2020 2:18 am
Level 46 : Master Dragon
the amount of work put into this

01/08/2020 2:41 am
Level 26 : Expert Creeper Hugger
thank you! i DID put lots of work into it!
01/07/2020 6:20 pm
Level 25 : Expert Crafter
you are cool player
01/07/2020 3:19 am
Level 18 : Journeyman uwu
Pretty sure i'd say the Ender Dragon is a reptile/lizard because it does produce an egg.
01/07/2020 4:46 pm
Level 26 : Expert Creeper Hugger
cool, ill change that right away :D
01/07/2020 3:10 am
Level 23 : Expert Dragonborn
Very Good Topic! I Love It!
01/06/2020 8:14 pm
Level 40 : Master Lad
Amazing! I love that you work so hard on a topic. Small typo on the Shulker and this can be used for information with Minecraft books
01/06/2020 9:22 pm
Level 26 : Expert Creeper Hugger
thanks man i really appreciate your feedback, and i will fix that typo right away! :D
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