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Closing the book : Charcter design

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Character design is a complicated process that can really leave you stressed, some character come as easy a a calm river and other are a tornado of 'who do I do this', I will attempt to explain my process of creating characters, which is actually kinda hard because I just did it I never really thought about how I did it until now, anyway, um enjoy the blog and I hope it can help you create characters, and this is about design which is outfits, hair and the such if you want personality go see my other blog that doesn't exist yet (coming out tomorrow I hope)

Also since I mainly write female charcter thats what a lot of the tips will be focused on and I can't really help with male charcters sorry :(

The three simples steps:

1 - What is my charcters personality and how can I incorperate that with their design?
One of the most important things about charcter design is the ability to incoperate costumes/outfits with personality, If your charcter is a bookworm who enjoys reading books set in the early 20th centurary (1911, 1912, etc.) but takes place in modern time make her wear a nice plaid beige dress, long white socks and simple black shoes, if their hardcore people make them were all black, messy hair, and always wearing headphones blasting heavy metal music, other conditions apply to other charcters

2- What is the setting & time period?
One of the most important steps is focusing on the time period that the charcters are in, like a person born in the early 1900s (1811, 1812., etc.) should be wearing likewise clothing, this makes the story obviously accurate and unless there is a reason your charcter is wearing another time period of clothing (ex. modern) for a reason like time traveling you should ALWAYS follow this rule, otherwise your story dosn't make sense

3 - Backstory
Okay another important thing is your charcters backstory, this can help decide how they interact with the world, which leads to step one with personality but more will be explained in my next blog

Sorry for lack of tips honestly i'm not great at explaining it but a book I recommend is Spilling Ink by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter it is labled as 'young writers handbook' but I read it and actually gave it to one of my older realitives who is writing a book and they said it was quite helpful, so really any age can learn something from this.

CreditThe picrew I used for the cover

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12/05/2021 9:50 am
Level 35 : Artisan Lemon
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I have also read Spilling Ink, it's a great book
12/05/2021 9:57 am
Level 41 : Master Wisp
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indeed it is :)
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