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Colours Poem.

My friend in a Yuri skin

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avatar yolandagirly
Level 14 : Journeyman Cake
Colours Poem.

When you're bright as the sun,
You feel so new, like a cloud of dust appeared
To blue, your heart races, your mind chases you into
Motivation, then drowns you to starvation your deepest
Darkest thoughts come flooding in, you ask yourself is it
Normal for someone like me to happy?

When you see the moon, you think in the moment
No hesitation this was made just for you.
You smile and look up while the stars glow, it's like a new
World shown you, but then you wonder, why are you smiling?
The things you've done, aren't worth the great view. You feel so
Dull like you've lost yourself, but the real truth is you haven't found

When you hear good news you feel proud of yourself.
You know all your hard work was worth your wealth.
You feel so confident and then it hits you, You only did this just to
Gain respect, it was just a show to entertain them not yourself.
But you hold on your tears and feel left out, the world is behind you
But you're still stuck in a hell.

The real truth is you're too scared to find happiness you feel like you
Deserve it yet if that was true no one would bother to even talk to you.
So what you're lonely, does that make you less human? It only means you need
To put yourself out there and this is your first clue. It's fine to be introverted
It's just you being you. Don't be afraid what others think they don't know you.

:) It's okay to be bright, it's okay to be dark, as long as you know
´╗┐who really cares for you!
CreditA famous quote, "The only person who knows how you feel more than others is yourself."

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