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Comical Commands: Blog One - Plump Creepers

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Creepers are rather odd chaps, they explode and give you quite a jump. But if you ever want to be scared without consequences consider summoning a silly plump creeper, these creepers, when attempting to explode, don't, instead they turn into rather odd, and to be fair, chunky looking fellas. Here is the guide!
  • First get yourself a command block, or simply type it in your text bar, as it should fit, to get a command block do /give player_name minecraft:command_block this will fill one of your inventory slots with a command block, it should look something like the cover of this post!
  • Next type out this command, or simply copy and paste it if you're in a bit of a rush, /summon minecraft:creeper ~ ~ ~ {ExplosionRadius:0,Fuse32767}
  • Now once you have your command typed out, simply hit enter, or if you're using a command block, activate it with redstone. A alternative to using redstone as a activation queue is to simply switch the button that says "Needs Redstone" to "Always Active", keep in mind, if you do toggle this, and then turn the other option on the far left which should say "Impulse" to "Repeating" it'll summon these creepers till you toggle off "Always Active" on the button to the right.

If you're interested in some of the details of the command, which lets be honest, you're not, read this little bit! The summon bit of the command is determining what command you're actually using, summon bringing any entity into existence, the creeper bit determines what entity you're actually summoning. Next the three little wavy lines are telling the command to execute the command at whatever coordinate it is being sent from, so if you're on a cliff, and summon this command, the creeper will spawn inside you, on the exact coordinates you are standing on! Now for the explosion radius and fuse bit, this chunk of the command tells the creeper that it cannot blow up, well rather, that it'll take 32,767 ticks before the creeper blows up this number translates to 27 minutes, and 18 seconds before the creeper blows up, meaning you'd have to actively stand beside it for quite a while!

For map makers, read this.
If you're wondering, well I'd like a plump creeper in my map, but I want to ensure that it cannot in any means blow up the build surrounding it, if someone does stand beside it for 27 minutes, simply do, /gamerule mobGriefing false this disables any mobs from ruining builds or maps, meaning creeper explosions don't harm the build, on a last note, if you want to kill all the creepers in your world to remove the rather odd chaps in one sweep, instead of hunting them all, just do /kill @e[​type=minecraft:creeper] good luck with your jump scares and other fun things, and be sure to read the next blog, for more silly and likely useless commands, also leave a comment if you have issues! I'll try to fix them!

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