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Minetrek will be releasing the 2011 version of the Enterprise D once again. The staff is updating a world map that will include the 2011 version of the Enterprise D. This version is commonly refereed to as the Hal,kun Enterprise. This older version of the Enterprise D was envisioned by Halkun and built by the early members of the MineTrek community back in 2010 thru 2012. The version being released will have many improvements over the Version 1 early 2010 ship.

The current Enterprise D, known ans the Minetrek Enterprise D, circa 2018, is a much larger and far more complete build of the Enterprise D. This version is not up for release but can be toured at any time by coming to the minetrek server. just add a .net to minetrek and that's the address.

There are plans in the near future to also release the Enterprise A, Saber, and perhaps the TOS Enterprise. However, this has not yet been determined and is an on going discussion.

The work on the New Voyager is also ongoing. I am not sure if the old Voyager build will be put up for release this year or not. That really depends upon a lot of things. But I am hopeful that it can be by the end of the year if the new Voyager build get completed.

Stay tuned and be on the look out for the Enterprise D circa 2011 build coming soon to PMC.
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