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Confirmed Features for 1.9 The Combat Update!

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Thats_a_Klevername avatar Thats_a_Klevername
Level 31 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
So I went "hunting" for the minecraft 1.9 features to come in the
"Minecraft: 1.9.0 Combat Update" and found some very interesting
stuff thats too come.
                       [Proof Is in image above.]
Possibilities to come - click to reveal
These are some possibilities I have came across by while searching for update news:
Change Some Texture w/out Packs
New Mob Animations - click to reveal
They say ALL Minecraft mobs are going to have new animations to show they are hostile.
They are So far making new animations for that are confirmed:
The Skeleton [Non-Aggresive = Stand straight]  [Aggresive = Bow pointing out toward you]
EnderDragon [you know revamp and all]

Proof: Here
Boats Confirmed - click to reveal
They are making more boats I'm guessing the other types of wood as well.
Boats are aswell being redone to not break as easy and stuff like that.
I mean you cant
Boats Confirmed:

Entity's can join you on a boat.

Proof: Here 
Dual Weild Confirmed - click to reveal
Dual Weild'ing has been CONFIRMED!!!!!
There will be 2Arms now instead of 1.
How it will work: 
Enderpearl left hand sword right hand both will work.
Sword on left and right hand only right will work.
You CANT use 2 weapons at once. ONLY items.

"Lefty Option" Confirmed!
Are you a lefty? This is the option for you!

Swords Can't be used to block anymore.

Proof: Here and Here
More New Generated Structures and Mobs - click to reveal
In the New Generated Structures this is what we have CONFIRMED:
A new type of dungeon with new Blocks and Mobs.
It is related to the “new dark colored block”
Added support to rotate and mirror structures.

Proof: Here
New Weapons REVEALED - click to reveal
New Ranged Items are: Quivers (Arrow Holders), ATLEAST 4 new types of arrows.
New Defence: SHIELDS
The Textures are originally from a game Notch abandoned called "Legend of the Chambered"

Spectral Arrow [yellow looking arrow]

Proof: Here
Pressed Dirt As A Path - click to reveal
There is now "Pressed Dirt"
This will be used as a new path for minecraft.
Different Size than all the other blocks.
Ender Dragon News - click to reveal
The Ender Dragon is getting a Revamp.
"To Be more like the Xbox Version"
They're trying to make him harder and have new abilities Like "Ender Breath".

They as well talked about how they want to make the Ender Dragons EGG more important.
We don't know what yet but I think:They might make the EnderDragon hatch from it.
Reason For Thought: They talked about "It coming back after it dies".

They might make Dragon A GIRL based on Seed.
Proof: Here and Here
Multiple Boss Bars - click to reveal
They might or might not add "Multiple Boss Bars.
If there is more than 1 boss around you we will see 2 or more "Boss Bars".

Proof: Here
1.9 Called: Minecraft The Combat Update - click to reveal
In the QR code They confirmed Minecraft 1.9 will be called "The Combat Update."

Proof: Here
What did you all think about this?
Anything yall know? Tell me below!

Have a great Day!


3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by Thats_a_Klevername 06/18/2015 11:43:29 amJun 18th, 2015

More Posibilities
Swords Cant Block
Boat Updates

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02/20/2016 7:34 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Modder
FuturisticIdiot avatar
how do you use structure blocks?
12/23/2015 5:44 pm
Level 21 : Expert Skinner
Wolf_Ranger45 avatar
Finely, a lefty option. xD I'm a lefty and have waited years for this lol.
06/04/2015 5:41 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Turtle
FlyingTurtles avatar
06/04/2015 11:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
NinGamerPC avatar
dear mojang: thx 4 @!! Th3 @w3$0m3 upd@t3$ Y0u W04k v34y h@4d  T0 M@k3 $uch @ G43@t G@m3 3v3n B3tt34!!! THX M0J@NG!! (random symbol/number talk)
05/22/2015 11:19 am
Level 1 : New Miner
BluMountain101 avatar
All abord the Hype train! Choo Choo!
06/04/2015 11:12 am
Level 1 : New Miner
NinGamerPC avatar
if i could, i would like this, but i dont see a like button anywhere lol
06/04/2015 12:47 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Thats_a_Klevername avatar
Lol thanks. 
I appreciate that you like this. :)
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