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Conquest of the Nether

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Here it is folks, the blog explaining Piglins. dreamCritting asked if I'd make a blog of this, and now I did.
Despite the fact that Human civilization is currently the wisest and most powerful in all three dimensions, there are many tales of lore completely unknown to humankind. Humans knew nothing of the way the Endermen subdued the Nether’s native race of Piglins and claimed that dimension for Herobrine simply because there was no one to tell them the story until now. But the Piglins still survive today, and they have kept the story alive. Hector, the greatest explorer of the Nether learned the Piglin language and wrote down the old Piglin legends. This story was told by Hraa’ar, an old Piglin Shaman, and had been passed down from his ancestor R’tan. It has been translated as closely as possible, but the Piglin language typically refers to groups as a single entity, and our terms for mentioned groups will be in parentheses. It goes like this.

In the ages of our ancestor the Emperor Ar’ragrim, before the descent of the shadow, there was great prosperity, and Piglins did not live in the wilds, but in their powerful fortresses forged from tempered netherrack that still stand now. And they feared no land, for all lands were their domain, and the terrors therein were but annoyances to their great armies. The virus (zombie virus) claimed lives as it has since the age of wanderers, but it was weak, and some said that even it feared the power of the Piglins.

Our strength was in numbers, and the numbers of our people seemed beyond count. The shadow (the Endermen) came then, as it came later to your world. The shadow warped our lands (creating warped forests) and drove out the hoglins and assaulted our fortresses with it’s dead (wither skeletons), revived by the virus. The shadow had been at work in the soulsand valley, and it created an unfathomable horror (a Wither) inspired by the bones of the ancient beasts that had once lived there. This new horror laid waste to our fortresses and brought our armies to their knees. And in our darkest hour, the virus attacked. It’s numbers grew and grew, feeding on panic and wiping out our people.

But some survived, and escaped the virus. We are they who survived, and still we survive by hunting Hoglins and bartering goods. The shadow still dominates, but it has leeched our world, and now moves to yours. We are less threatened now than before. We are trained from youth to protect ourselves from the virus, but the shadow’s dead still infect our ancient homes, and it is they who we hate above all beings.

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