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Contemplations on a successful community

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avatar DarioJames
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
How do you make a successful online community?

Usually the community needs to come together around some common interest.

How do you define the community as "successful"?

If just two members are writing back and forth do you consider your community successful, or do you need thousands of active members to validate your community as successful?

Does your community truly have a common interest?

Why are the people in your community drawn together?

Is your common interest sustainable?

If the common interest is sustainable how do you keep participation levels in the community constant?

Are special events necessary to create or maintain interest?

Do you need rules to moderate the behavior of members of your community?

I have been involved in "on-line" communities since the early 1990's. Yes I am old thanks.

In old BBS systems and early internet the "communities" formed and disappeared almost as fast as soap bubbles from
Lawrence Welk's Champagne Machine.
I told you I was old.

Now everyone can have a full fledged secure Discussion Server in a few clicks and new on-line communities are formed and fade away even faster than ever.

I enjoy small communities with strict focus when I am dealing with a specific topic or interest, and I enjoy large communities where communal knowledge is freely shared. As the old Saying goes size does not necessarily matter it is what you receive from the effort you employ that usually matters most.

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