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Contest-How to Make a Good City/Town/Village

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Hi, today I'll be giving a few pointers on how to manage and build a city

  1. Make roads, they should be out of a common material, like cobblestone or gravel. They can have street side lamps, made of fence, with glowstone surrounded by trapdoors, however this should only be used if you have given it an Elven/Mythical feel as realistic ancient cities did not have the magical rock glowstone, if you still want lights use fence posts with a torch on top
  2. Use the landscape to your advantage. If you are in a forest, do not simply start a fire, just remove as many trees as need be, this gives it a much better look and gives you extra materials. If you are in a desert, make your homes out of sandstone and rock, not wood, the same is of a forest were you should wood. When you are in mountain ranges do not flatten the tops completely, make your house groove in with the slant
  3. Use only one architectural style per town, this is imperative to the final look of your project. If you are desperate to use more styles simply make more areas in your city (like towers in the east, manors in the north, Norse homes in the west, and mansards in the south). Each area needs several buildings like a farm or a hotel as well as residential buildings
  4. Have a few single houses scattered around your landscape with a farm or two
  5. Use one set of material per town or area, the material should go together, a set they would work is: Logs, Planks, Wool (white), Torches, Wooden Door, as well as glass, stairs, slab etc.
  6. If you want to make a mine for your town then you shouldn't hide it, make it beautiful (it's easier then it sounds) and an important part of the town, an easy way of doing this is making the mine open cut and filling it with ores, BTW an open cut mine is a hole in the ground
  7. Bigger towns and cities should have a park in the middle with a large fountain, trees and flowers. Smaller villages do not need these but if you want one a small fountain surrounded by flowers will more than suffice your needs. If you don't want a garden then you can use a well, which is smaller taking up only a 4x4x4 space
  8. Even small villages need a farm, it does not need to be big, in fact smaller ones look better. Larger villages shouldn't have bigger farms, but more smaller ones. Windmills compliment a large area of farm land, however they are hard to build
  9. Ports are great for areas with large supplies of natural water, you can wall them for a enclosed and protected feel, and remember fill then with nice, big boats and a few smaller boats, ALL SHIPS SHOULD HAVE A SAIL
  10. Every town or area should have at least one commanding (large and more importantly beautiful) building or group of buildings (that should be on the same street), they can be a church, town hall or whatever suits
  11. If you are going to add villagers or iron golems, make sure you don't add too many they will ruin village, if you have added too many let loose zombies and start killing the villagers, the population I'll grow back to a reasonable size. AND NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE SPAWN SNOW GOLEMS ANYWHERE BUT SNOW BIOMES
  12. If you are going to wall your city make sure they a nice thick walls as thin and tall ones look awful. You should also make sure they aren't wavy and random but look as though they've been planned, WorldEdit or MC Edit can build walls quickly
  13. This may go without saying but if you have been demolishing failed buildings with TNT or have creeper explosion marks scarring your land scape fill them in
  14. And use animals wisely, to many and your town is ruined too few and the town looks barren and lifeless
  15. All towns should have a commodity (pigs, wood, minerals), this will influence the town's look slightly with farms, mines and trees
  16. If you need inspiration then download other people's cities, Solitary and Castle Lividus are two good ones
  17. Larger towns can have hamlets, smaller towns nearby
  18. Using ore blocks can give your town a feel of industrialism for iron, wealth with gold and artisan with lapis, but use in great moderation and never use diamond
  19. If you are going for a real life feel in your work, add some watchtowers on the edges of you town, if your town is walled build them into your existing fortifications, this makes you town stand out from the landscape
  20. Some mods that'll help you make your progress quicker, Single Player Commands (for world edit and spawners), TMI (for blocks and time/gamemode), Optifine (for reducing lag, therefor allowing you to build faster)
  21. Keep your Military and Police buildings together for a powerful feel, if your police and militia buildings look the same as any old building, skip this step, if you want imposing militia buildings, use stone, iron bars etc.
  22. When trying to make a machine or large equipment for your town, do not make it with redstone, as your work doesno t have to be functional, and redstone cannot always be hidden without looking ugly
  23. Flags can make an area look powerful and unified, while several can give a wartime feel, use them wisely. You can hang flags from and on towers, one ships sails and on walls
  24. If you want a realistic destroyed home or building, build a proper one (an empty one) and then place one or two (no more) on the roof. The place a few vines on the rim of the explosion radius. On the ground only fill about half of the ground with a building material (what you would place if the building wasno t destroyed, then place 40% grass and then 10% gravel. Fill with mushrooms and flowers as well as cobwebs. Destroyed houses give the town a sense of age
  25. Tall jungle trees look hideous, use MC Edit for beautiful large tree as well as different types of trees
  26. Make structures that could support their own weight, this does not apply your flying or under water builds
  27. Brightly coloured wools should never make up a building, but they do look good around the building as banners, rugs and other things made out of any fabrics or cloths
  28. Although brightly coloured wools aren't building materials, white, grey, brown and black ones are and should be used with wood to make stunning builds
  29. Making a world with a program like WorldPainter is a great way to have beautiful mountains, forests, deserts and lakes as well as flat land to build on, World painter also allows you to choose the amount of lava and water ponds as well as minerals, note that WorldPainter is for BEFORE the map is built up
  30. Dono t make TNT cannons unless you can work them into the land or building well, I have seen many builds with exposed cannons
  31. Flower beds in houses or just outside homes/windows really spruce up the place, flowers can also be replaced by shrubs, mushrooms, cacti or saplings
  32. Vines can make your city beautiful but you must stop them from overgrowing as a fully "vined" villa isn't something you want, if you don't wan't to be a gardener then use leaves as a substitute to vines
  33. This may be obvious but never use any mods save mods like TMI, Crafting Recipe Mods and SPC or other mods that ADD items/mobs/blocks
  34. Making a world with a program like WorldPainter is a great way to have beautiful mountains, forests, deserts and lake with flat land to build on, World painter also allows you to choose biomes and the amount of lava, water ponds and minerals
  35. Make sure your builds look good in the default pack! This means packs that make matter like sponge look good shouldno t be used, although your pics in the description on PMC my look great, it pisses me off when I see beautiful world on PMC, download them and the world is made of sponge/dirt/melon etc.
  36. It is best to play in peaceful while building to stop endermen taking and placing blocks and stop zombies form breaking wooden doors
  37. AND FIND A GOOD NAME! One that suits the town

City Made From These Points-City of Palme Salus

And remember not to rush!

Contest-How to Make a Good City/Town/Village
CreditWhoever mad MCMapLive (thats the program I took the picture on), and of course Cyprezz for this wonderful site

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Update #13 : by Luis 10/15/2012 6:43:30 pmOct 15th, 2012

Got rid of No.34 (it was a duplicate to no. 26), thanks to fasds, for pointing that out!

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07/08/2017 11:23 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
subpartikel's Avatar
wow thanks for this tutorial I am building a town in one of my world and this helps a lot!

09/01/2013 7:27 am
Level 46 : Master Wolf Whisperer
TwilightWarlord's Avatar
awesome, i fell though something that can be dismissed in #35 are vanilla based packs, such as Fiathful or R3D craft, they are pretty much default redefined, also, another thing repetetive buildings, 2 or more buildings that are replica can kind of make it more bland. Another thing is scale, this can play an important role. Diamond
02/10/2013 4:46 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Hunter
redemobands's Avatar
This really helps :)
02/01/2013 4:48 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
jasonrox12345's Avatar
omg to long fuck this
02/01/2013 4:50 am
Level 71 : Legendary Pokémon
Luis's Avatar
"Yeah it was supposed to be for really large builds, smaller builder may not find it very good for the amount of time it requires. The First 20 are all you really need, the rest is filler and finishing touches"
10/18/2012 7:43 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Mountaineer
TheMcVikings's Avatar
it is to much to read....
10/18/2012 8:07 pm
Level 71 : Legendary Pokémon
Luis's Avatar
Yeah it was supposed to be for really large builds, smaller builder may not find it very good for the amount of time it requires. The First 20 are all you really need, the rest is filler and finishing touches
10/18/2012 8:12 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Mountaineer
TheMcVikings's Avatar
got any tips if i am going to make like 5 towns on the same map?
10/18/2012 8:19 pm
Level 71 : Legendary Pokémon
Luis's Avatar
Make all towns define themselves as different from each other. Use the terrain to influence and enhance every town. Build Farms, Wells and maybe a River. If you need to make a world from scratch use world painter. Each town needs a "commander structure" like a town hall, barracks or farmhouse. And Roads of gravel or cobblestone, or both, if you have WorldEdit, then use a tool and enter:
/brush cylinder 4, 13, 2 1 1

And keep your architectural style constant for every town, this will make or break your town. See how in the above picture all suburbs have different, consistent styles. It would be chaos if they were mixed
10/18/2012 8:25 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Mountaineer
TheMcVikings's Avatar
already made the map and i have plans for it but i cant get started (rubish to make towns)
10/18/2012 8:26 pm
Level 71 : Legendary Pokémon
Luis's Avatar
Or you can learn from practice. It may make your first town somewhat disapointing but you'll improve quickly