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Cool Minecraft Facts!

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justofunheh avatar justofunheh
Level 9 : Apprentice Hunter
Want to know some cool minecraft facts?
  • Lava flows 7 blocks in the nether instead of 4.
  • Ghasts cannot blow up Cobblestone
  • It's easier to catch fish in the rain, weird huh?
  • Enderman sounds are actually audio of words but reversed and distorted, cool!
  • Wolfs and Iron Golems are only two mobs that can turn hostile in Peaceful Mode.
  • A thrown snowball will do 1.5 hearts to a Blaze, cool!
  • Drinking Milk will stop Poision and Poision effects
  • Instead of lava, Cactus is good for disposing items!
  • You can sleep during day if there is a thunder storm.
  • Skeletions and Zombie that are on Soulsand will not burn during the day.
  • Notch Almost called Minecraft "cavegame". Weird, huh?
  • Best diamond mining layer is 12
  • It's possible to grow a tree above the height limit!
  • Creepers count down is longer when they are in a cobweb, useful sometimes...
  • Creepers can climb ladders.
  • When you hold F3 The nether is called Hell and the end is called Sky
  • Mobs CAN NOT spawn on Slabs.
  • The pumpkin must be placed LAST to make an iron golem.
  • Redstone torches are the only lights source, besides natural light, that will not melt ice or snow
  • Tamed wolves will attack you if you shoot your self with an arrow.
  • Wolves don't attack creepers
  • Slabs do not cut redstone circuits.
  • TnT destroys 70% around it.
  • An egg has a 1/254 chance to hatch 4 chickens at once.
  • Magma cubes do not take fall damage.
  • rain has a SLIGHT chance to fill a cauldron
  • You can drive a minecart like a car if you ride a pig with a saddle in the minecart
  • Creepers and skeletons cannot see a player through glass (when not aggravated)
  • TNT explosions remove lava
  • Torches placed under falling gravel or sand will break the sand/gravel, thats why you use torches while mining :P!
  • Slimes always jump in a straight line and can't swim
  • You can wear a pumpkin on your head and it will prevent endermans from attacking you (if you look at them) USEFUL!
  • It is impossible to hit an enderman with an arrow/egg/snowball
  • Unlike tiny slimes, tiny magma cubes can still hurt the player
I hope you enjoyed my Minecraft Facts Blog!

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10/29/2013 1:11 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Dragonborn
MrBlackFoxy avatar
These we're some good fact.. LOVE IT, BLUE POO TO YOU !
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