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Copper Golem and Allay try to mine diamonds - A comic about youtube removing dislikes

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GoldenScientist avatar GoldenScientist
Level 31 : Artisan Mage
i don't even know how to explain what i created here. im not gonna dub this...n

also allay and copper golem are gonna learn logic soon. cause they don't know how to mine diamonds. they've been like this ever since glare got lost in a cave. jk no one ever taught them...

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12/05/2021 11:59 pmhistory
Level 42 : Master Necromancer
THINK86200 avatar
I love your comment, its so adorable and true! I hate YOUTUBE for their poor choices in what true ethics, values and morals!

Just for everyone's information if you don't know and want to bring back the dislikes yourself. You can bring back the dislikes button through a plug in, called 'Return YouTube Dislike' for chrome. it's an extension that you can install for FREE. (I'm not going to add the link to it for I believe that will be breaking the rules here on PMC)
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