Copying/Faking texture pack and other submissions

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avatar TwilightWarlord
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People have been copying and saying it's "there own" texture pack, when it's been stolen.
I even encounted such felony, where someone copied my texture pack, and he was a decent level (10-20)
Copying is not only plagiarism, stealing and offence, but it also effect the original owner.

The extent of Plagiarism

People do anything to hide it from the owner and even try to add there own pictures to fool the owner.
I witnessed my own pack (16x16) as an 8x8. THis gave me the thought that it was his/her intention to hid it.
I have witnessed allot of copying over the last 6 months. Even copies of OCD (A well known pack by FVDisco_

How it affects the owner?

Being affected by this, owners are hurt and disgusted that someone would steal there work without asking or giving credit and getting credited, with EXP and diamonds that they didn't deserve.
I am utterly sad that people go to this extent to be noticed.


Stealing is wrong and not worth it. Once you get found out people think bad of you.
Don't "rob" people of there texture packs.
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