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Corpse Bride - (Mystery in the mansion entry)

Corpse bride by _CrystalHeart_

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avatar LuminousLove
Level 15 : Journeyman Princess
"Catherine!" My mom called out. I ran in. "What is it?"

"Before you go out with your friends, please bring this steak and diamond sword!"


"You know zombies and skeletons lurk in the darkness!"

I grabbed the items and put them in my inventory. One thing about my inventory - its always full. I managed to fit it in between my oak wood planks and my stone. "See you later mom!"

I went out. "Calleigh! Sky! Jace! Zack!" They all turned around. "Hi Catherine!" They said. I smiled. "Hey guys!"
"You ready to go explore?"


We ran into the woods.

"Its dark out here..." I quickly crafted a torch.

Suddenly, a Zombie came up. He moaned that annoying noise.
"Stand back!" Jace said and pulled out his diamond sword.
the zombie died.

"That was close" Calleigh said.
"Lets keep going."

We trudged through the leaves in the darkness as they crunched under us.

Calleigh suddenly stopped.

"Whats wrong? Break something?" I asked.

"G-Guys..." She said and turned us around.

I turned around to see a mansion covered in mildew and some green stuff that was so disgusting i can't explain it.

a haunted mansion.

"Are we really going to go in?" Sky asked.
"We have no choice"

I walked in.
"Hello? Is anyone there?"

"You shouldn't be here..." Said a voice.

"Now i will kill you!"

I turned around to see a ghost. a corpse bride. two Vexes guarded her.

"My name is Kristina."

"WAIT!" I said. "There has to be some way."

She looked at me.

"Well, there is one way..." She said.

"Find me a prince." she said and scanned our gang.

I was shocked.

"Oh! I want him!" She pointed to Jace.

"My first kiss will NOT be with a corpse!" He cried.

"I will be generous and give you time. Here are your rooms." And she showed us two master bedrooms.

Jace continued to cry. "I want to go home..."

Zack for some reason went up to the corpse bride and blushed.

"I like your dress..."

"Nice try. Im intrested in him. but thanks."

I went to sleep


The next morning i woke up to Zack and Jace sitting and waiting.

"Listen guys..." Zack said.

"Zack likes the corpse bride." Jace finished for him.

I was shocked.

"You do? Dont you know what will happen if you marry her?"

"This is what I want."

"Ok..." I said. "Lets try to make her fall in love with you."


I wondered the castle the next day.

"I wonder whats in her room..."

i looked at everything.

then i saw a small bucket of letters.

i picked one up.

My dearest Kristina,

You are a beautiful rose.
Making me strong near my foes,
Please love me.


"Thats strange..." I said. "Whos Jason?"


Over the past week Zack and the Corpse Bride really learned to love eachother.

They went to the park one day, and when they came home, they were angry.

at eachother.

I walked into the corpse brides room.

"I am really lonely... because Jason died.." She said."And now i love Zack..."
so thats who Jason was. Her boyfriend.

"I can't believe i thought he was making fun of me for being dead..."

Zack walked in. "I really love you too..." and he bent down.
"Ms. Corpse Bride, will you marry me?"



They were happily married. I was there cheering for him.
"Your my best friend, Zack! and congratulations!"

The corpse bride walked over to me.
"Thankyou so much... in return, you can have my mansion."

"No problem, Corpse bride.also, whos Jason?"

"Oh. Jason was a guy who liked me, but i hated, but when i realized i liked him, he died..."

"Ok.. But how did you die?" The carriage already went away.

I let that be enough.

and to think i thought he was her boyfriend...

whatever. we have more adventures to go on!


Hope you enjoyed! Diamond, Favorite, and subscribe for more!

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