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CORRUPTION - A Herobrine Tale.

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"Ah, shoot! For God's sakes, stop falling, stinking bo-" Steve starts, as a book falls on his toe.
"OW! Shooty little Beyach! I am just trying to get some information on Herobrine so that I can find him..before he finds me." He notices a strange machine with the date 999/99/9 written on it. As he is about to touch it, he decides to read the book that fell on his toe just a moment ago. He picks it up, and immediately, notices the title: "Corruption - Herobrine's Origin Story. He begins to read the three chapter book, which he does not realise contains info as to why his most famous ancestor, Steven, disappeared as soon as Herobrine appeared.

Chapter One: The Crash.
The original creation of Herobrine's soul began when Notch was toying around with the Minecraft code. He coded something wrong, shrugged it off, "Meh, it's just a little missing bracket.", and crashed the game in the process. During this crash, about one million pixels were sent flying across the nanosphere(the world inside the code), and they formed to become a head, which was just a mess of grass,stone,iron,and coal pixels.

The head spoke: "Oh my God, I look awful! Notch, please make me look half-decent!" But, obviously, Notch could not hear him through the "Looking Glass", so the head decided to talk to Notch through coding. The head found the Minecraft Java Project,and used it's newly formed brain to it's advantage, creating a new Class called "Help", and type the following code:
System.out.println("Notch,I was created when you crashed the game. Please make my head not so ugly, and get me into the game!");
The head was satisfied with his progress, and decided to sleep for the night, not knowing Notch was still awake, and went right to his computer. When he ran the game, he noticed the head's message for help, and decided to do something that would destroy the balance of Minecraftia forever: insert the head into the game, but only as a spirit. The head saw that Notch had typed his own println statement, which read "All right, but on one condition: Find yourself a body, I will insert your soul into the game. You have exactly Ten nights to do this. Fail, I delete you for good."

Chapter Two: The Obtaining Of The Body.
The head's spirit was now in the game, and his first priority was getting that body! A villager nearby saw his ghostly particles floating around, and questioned him about what his name is, where he comes from, and why he is at the Village Of Legends. 'Village Of Legends, Hmm? I should take control of one of these so-called "legends"!'

"My name is..err...'Come on, think up a name for yourself!!'Herobrine. Yeah, that is it, Herobrine!" He then stands there, waiting for the villager's response, but he gets none. Instead, the villager only goes "Hurnh". This makes Herobrine outraged, and he somehow pulls the villager up into the air, and begins to pull him apart, slowly and painfully. Only after does he remember that this villager's orange robe signals him to be the Mayor, so now he has become the Mayor!


Suddenly, Steve hears a loud banging upstairs, and hears Herobrine's voice saying: "I have found yooouuu....time for Little Steve to die...!" Heroine has arrived!
"Oh, No! He is here! I need to finish reading this book before I run...and there is always that weird machine...."

Steven was just arriving back to the Village Of Legends when he noticed the commotion, and saw that a new Mayor had been "elected". "Ugh, not again." He groaned, not realizing those would be his last words.

As he walked into the Village, he started to speak, when Herobrine decided to stuff his mouth with poison so that he could speak instead. "Ah ha, it's what I've been waiting for! This body belongs to ME!" And with that, Herobrine's spirit started to push Steven's spirit out of Steven's body. Steven had a will enough to push Herobrine out, but Herobrine had other tricks up his sleeve.

Herobrine used his ghostly particles to create a tentacle, which he pulled Steven's spirit out with, and strangled him to death. But, the spirit was still alive, because normally you cannot kill spirits, but Herobrine had thought of that already. He had hacked the code from inside the game, and was removing Steven's code from the game, permanently. One that was done, he entered Steven's body, and decided to make himself look better by making his eyes glowstone coloured, and glowing. He had achieved his goal of getting his body, and was now ready to hunt and kill the brothers of Steven to prove he was the strongest!

By this time, Steve had to hide in the cellar, as Herobrine had broken the door, had was looking for Steve. Steve knew that he was certainly dead when he heard Herobrine destroy the machine, which he had figured out the purpose for: it would've taken him back to when Herobrine had been created, and he could have stopped him from killing Steven! But, alas, that hope was no more than fool's gold now, and the only way to remove Herobrine...would be to fight him one on one, something Steve was dreading.

Final Chapter: The Taking Of The Crown.

At this point, all left for Herobrine to do was to go and kill King Sterven, but he first needed some weapons. To do that, he would be into assassinate the Three Steves, who were rumored to be in the Great Temple, located in the forest Herobrine originally spawned next to.Herobrine saw the temple, and realised how difficult this was going to be; he would also need to kill the guards, who were on high alert since Steven's death! He notices something called a Nuke in the hole that was below him, and realised that he could kill them all at once by blowing them up! 'Heh,that would be fun..But why don't I share the fun?' "Oh spiders! Come out and play, I know where you can get some dinner!"

A group of 5 Spiders come out of their hiding spot in the forest, looking suspiciously at Herobrine, wondering what he meant. "Where isss thiss food that you have promissed usss?" The lead Spider, Teranchula, questioned Herobrine.
"Ah, Teranchula, you see the Temple there? I blew up most of it already, killing the Three Steves. Go on, enjoy your lunch! The guards are dead!" Herobrine replied, with a snicker.

The Spiders do not talk, they go straight to eating. As Herobrine sees the blood splatter all over, he remembers that he was here for the Ultimate Sword, which instantly kills whoever gets hit by it! He grabs the sword, and leaves quietly. The Spiders do not notice him leave, as they are too busy indulging themselves.

After ten boring days of walking through the desert, Herobrine finally sees King Sterven's castle! He knows what to do at this point: sneak in, slay the King, and become the King himself! This mission would normally be extremely difficult, but he already had something up his sleeve: the Spiders were on their way, and they had been beefed up, so that their attacks do much more damage than usual! This is the day that the beginning of the End started for Minecraftia.

That night, Herobrine enacted his plan. The Spiders went and devoured the guards, while Herobrine snuck in with an Invisibility Potion. As he walked through the castle, he noticed that the King was a sitting duck - he was sleeping in his bed. Herobrine snuck to the King's bed, and took out his sword, and then -

BOOM! Goes the trapdoor that was hiding Steve;Herobrine had found him, while he was unarmed! Steve tried to run, but Herobrine pinned him down quite easily, and during the "battle", made quit a bloody mess out of Steve. Steve ended up on the floor, in a puddle of his own blood.
"W-Why haven't you j-just killed me yet?" Steve asked, the words barely coming out what is left of his mouth.
"Ah, young one, did you not read the text of that book? I always let Teranchula devour the dead...and let me tell you, it is a lot worse being torn apart by him than it is being slain in one go by me!"Herobrine says with a hideous laugh, and teleports away.
"Ah, what a nice sssurprissse...a lovely dinner for me!" Teranchula says as he walks in. "Enjoy thisss lasssst moment of life,kid!"

And with that, he plunged his claw into Steve's chest, and pulled out his heart, then started to devour Steve.

And that, my friends, is the tale of Herobrine.

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