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Craftable Music Discs (Contest Entry)

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SpartanSkeleton's Avatar SpartanSkeleton
Level 41 : Master Musician
Hey PMC, I was playing minecraft and I was thinking: "You know whats hard to obtain, Music Discs". So I decided to start trying to get all the music discs and since the one called "11" is ow available in survival, I could get them all.
However, the only two music discs I managed to collect were: Cat, and 13, I literally had more than 7 of each and no matter what, I couldn't seem to get the others, so I thought to myself: "Why cant we just craft the music discs using some rare material?"

Well? Why shouldn't we? It would be worth it to spend time mining for obsidian and maybe traveling to the end even to find the materials necessary to make one of the twelve music discs instead of wasting much time hoping that skeleton kills the creeper before he does you, plus some of the music discs are hard to obtain, which means night after night just trying to get one and the only real use for your multiples of the same disc are to keep your pressure plates down for 5 minutes.

Even if it does seem insane to go all the way to the end to collect the materials needed for a disc doesn't mean you really have to have end stone in the crafting, I think that the crafting should be made out of different materials still adding a challenge to obtain the shiny discs. As a modder myself I think this is a great thing to make as an addition for minecraft and even have it available without mods.

In conclusion it would be wonderful to have the music discs craftable even if the crafting is tricky, (like using moss stone or obsidian) but even then, it would be possible. This would benifit people who always play on peaceful mode also so they don't have to break out their dusty sword and arrows and try their best at something they might never have done before. So that is why I think that craftable music discs should be added into the game, thank you for reading this and I hope it stands out in the contest.

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01/02/2013 12:58 am
Level 37 : Artisan Grump
tex12347's Avatar
likey I could only NOT find cat and 13 :c
01/02/2013 12:59 am
Level 41 : Master Musician
SpartanSkeleton's Avatar
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