Crater Castle update squad needed!

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avatar plyr
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So I'm looking for people who are good at building accurate Victorian style houses/buildings for my Crater Castle update! I am also looking for someone who can host a for this cause I have tried and failed miserably. If you're willing to help out with hosting the server I will send you the up-to-date version of the map personally for you to install it into the server. and I ask that if you do end up making the server that it be an offline server because of the fact that I do not own a premium account. I also ask that it be a non-hamachi server as well cause that will not work with my computer (I have tried using it before on another offline server and it does not work for my computer)

I am also looking for interior designers for such projects! Need be because of the fact that I could use some help with the rest of the layout on the inside of the castle itself!

And please, if you end up being one of those who will end up destroying the buildings or not build/destroy at all and just do nothing I ask that you don't offer your help! I want to have this project look nice and not have to be a wasted one either.
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