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Creating a Pet shop with command Blocks!

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If you have a server and want to sell your players Cats, Dogs, or Horses (Like the Zombie/Skeleton Horses} The setup is rather simple, and only takes 2 command blocks.
First off, You will want to have a scoreboard economy. There are plenty of tutorials out there, however scroll to the bottom for a brief guide to setting up a scoreboard economy

Color coded guide to codes:
Green: Code
Blue: Changeable, but optimized
Red: Just set as example, arbitrary data that is change-able. keep the objective name you replace credit with the same, and objective value scores the same for each line

These pet examples are for mobs that are Special in some ways. Mobs that teleport to the player and cannot die will not be lost.
Horses that are Special and invulnerable are a status symbol, and since not many will aqquire such a horse, it is difficult to get away with griefing by killing or stealing these horses. Naming helps especially The same execute @p[data] ~ ~ ~ summon X ~ ~ ~ {data} works for any entity

Wolves and Cats

Zombie and Skeleton OP horses

Setting up an Economy
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