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Cross Fire: Against All Odds

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"My name is Ciaran, everything and everyone is in grave danger the world as we know it has no hope to survive without your help!"

If youo re reading this it means you have accepted the greatest challenge in your life!

Cross Fire:
Against All Odds

Ciaran woke up in cold sweat, it was the dead of night, the moon was glistening through the window suddenly the earth shook the birds flew away in fright, and he was thrown from his bed, the very walls around him crumbling to the ground. He heard a muffled scream coming from his sistero s bedroom. He could tell something was wrong instantly this wasn't just an earthquake!


"Ciaran where are you? Get out!" His mum screamed. He sprinted to his sistero s room where he found her un-conscious; he grabbed her and ran down stairs and out the front door. As his mother watched in dismay as the house gave way and collapsed to a pile of rubble. Much like the house he collapsed under the weight of his sister. What had just happened would be the start to his journey and knowledge of the Time War because that was no earthquake or explosion that tremor was caused by the first encounter of aliens.

*Look I know what youo re thinking at this point, oh there are a million books about meeting aliens and how this is so cliché. Trust me just read on and you will see!*

When the aliens were first sighted they looked like humans but they could do so much more. They had powers that humans could only dream of. There were reports of them flying around, moving through solid walls and attacking people in the woods.

Ciaran winced as he got shot by a paintball in the gut. Suddenly the ground beneath their feat shook and cracks started to appear. There was a loud roar of engines above as they saw two giant space ships that looked more like giant cringles tins with engines and landing gear. As suddenly as it started it stopped, The space ships had landed one was less than 100 meters away crushing half the course, two of his friends had been killed from flying debris, another one had been injured, he himself seemed to be fine. "Holy shit what was that!" His friend shouted "I don't know I really, really don't know." For minutes they stood there in silence. "Come on leto s get outta here." "No" Ciaran said firmly "We stay till the end no matter what! We need to find out what that is and where it came from." The spotlights blinked out they were bathed in red flashing lights, With a hiss a panel on the ship swung down with a loud clatter "Um I think we should run now" "Yes, yes we should" Ashleigh stood up and sprinted towards the gate there was a loud high pitched screech as a bolt of electricity flew through the air, a second later Ashleigh was on the ground moaning in pain Ciaran quickly pulled her back under cover. Just then there was a jingle of his phone "Ciaran are you ok" His mother said in a distressed voice
"I'm ok mum Ashleigh and I are safe, I heard some shouts from other people to Henry is dead he got killed when the spaceship landed it's right on top of us we have no way out!" Ciaran said in a panic stricken voice. The phone went dead and there was a raspy voice behind him
"Take me to your leader"
*Ok here's what really happened*
"Halt you shall not use communication devices, you are now a prisoner of war human."
"He has a name you space scum." Ashleigh said airily. The alien shot Ashleigh with another bolt of electricity. "How dare you talk to me you human scum, so what is your name human." "M-m-my n-n-name is Ciaran." Ciaran said with a stutter "Speak clearly human." "I said my name is Ciaran.
"Why are you here you alien scum." Ashleigh shouted. The alien picked Ashleigh up and dangled her several feet above the ground "Tell me why I shouldn't crush her windpipe" "Look we don't mean any harm or anything we just want to know why youo re here" Ciaran said. The alien threw Ashleigh to the ground. Then started shouting orders at the other aliens. "Take them to the lab."

The alien said "Ashleigh are you ok?" Ciaran asked there was no response, o No use human, she's un-conscious." The guard carrying her said. The lab was a big dark room full of weird equipment and surgical tools. The guards strapped them both to an operating table. About ten minutes later Ashleigh woke with a start.
"Whato s happening? Where am I?o Ashleigh said with a panic stricken voice, o Ashleigh It's ok."
"Ok, ok I'm sorry I just don't know what else to say.o Ciaran said weakly "I know Ciaran I-I-I'm just scared" "Look no matter what we will get out of this I promise you that." "But how do you know?"
"I don't know but I will ok." "Ok." There was a sting as a needle was shoved into Ciarano s arm he heard Ashleigh cry out as the same was done to her. "What do you want?" Ashleigh asked bitterly "Silence human." There was a loud bang as the door slammed shut a second later there was a loud roar as the engines took to life. o Where are you taking us! o Ashleigh yelled.

Ok so this is all I have and I need your help so please help me and give me some ideas to make this story better and right more I really need your help!! I'm counting on you guys so don't let me down!!

These are fictional characters these characters are based purely on my mind I don not mean to use someone elses name if this up sets you in any way please just say and I can change the names!

This is an early draft so please forgive me for parts that don't make sense or spelling mistakes! Comment and give me some ideas! And don't forget to Subscribe, Fav and Diamond

This Book Has Been temporarily discontinued becuase I am writing a new book!
Keep an eye out for that new book it will be coming out very soon!

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
CreditNew Zealand_Gaming,Ciaran,Ashleigh,Gemma,Mariana

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Update #1 : 06/11/2012 11:56:30 pmJun 11th, 2012

Just posted latest version please like, fav, diamond and subscribe and don't forget this is a open project just give me some reasonable ideas and i will try to put them in!!

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Thank you

If you have on any ideas on how I could right some more on this story just say!!
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darkthingy 1
put a diamond on you
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YAY I still need ideas for what to write next!!!
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Pretty good!
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