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Level 3 : Apprentice Artist
Inspired by "Once Upon a Time"!

4 years ago a young boy came to the front door of my house telling me hes my son. I sure didnt believe him at first, but then later on, he made me remember that I had given away my son for 10 years. I now live in a small town called "PointBrooke" with many people I adore, besides one person. A man named Daniel has hated me ever since I arrived in "PointBrooke", so I decided to go along with it twords him. But I later on learned why he hated me. He says that I tried killing him many years ago in the fairy tale world as all of us call The Fantasy Forest because I ruined his story. At first I didnt understand, but now I understand quite clearly. My names Laura Swan, Im 28 years old, and I live in an enchanted town called "PointBrooke" What everyone says in "PointBrooke" is that we are all mixed with different fairy tale characters. And the fairy tale characters have been trapped inside of everyone for years since most fairy tale characters popped up in "PointBrooke". Even myself. From what I know, Im mixed with another fairy tale character named Hook. His real name is Delten Jones. Sooner or later everyone of those fairy tale characters will come back, and "PointBrooke" will be back to the way it was with fairy tale characters in their own body.

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Chapter one will arrive soon! :D

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