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Custom Items / Mobs (Includes Descriptions )

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avatar Jacob72902
Level 20 : Expert Artist
Armor: Full orange leather armor.

Health: 20 Hearts

Drops: Iron bars(4 - 6), Shiv (Wooden Sword with sharpness 3)

Lore: He was always a "Tough guy" and he loved to pick fights with total strangers. He was a relatively smart guy. When he was a little he decided to rob a bank. He got away, but authorities did catch and he was sentenced to 15 years in jail. In jailed he thrived as the prisoners feared him. When the time he released back into the world. He always way his prison jumpsuit. He now hunts down players, so he can remain the best.
Armor: red leather armor

Weapon: Diamond Axe

Health: 50 Hearts

Drops: Hatchet (Diamond Axe with sharpness 4 - 5 and unbreaking 4);

Spawnrate: Spawns randomly in forests.
Armor: none

Health: 20 hearts ( 40 half hearts)

Abilities: Able to shoot fireballs and teleport.

Weakness: Gold Sword

Lore: The mutant was a well-known scientist. He loved to experiment with radiation and nuclear technologies. His last experiment had gone completely wrong, exposing him to radiation and causing him to change and gain many different abilities.
Mutant Zombie
Armor: none

Health: 50 hearts( 100 half hearts)

Skills: none

Abilities: Summon zombies/baby zombies

Drop(s): Splash potion of decaying (gives poison and wither for the 30s).

Mutant Leggings:

Protection 4, Unbreaking 4, and Summoner 1 - 7(chance to summon minions to assist you in battle. The higher the enchant level the higher chance it has to proc).

One of the many experiments done by the scientists before he turned himself into a mutant. The zombie grew 10 times and had the ability to summon other zombies at his will. He was contained for a while until one day he broke out. it is believed that when he broke free, he broke the same vile that caused to scientist to mutate.
Heartless Butcher
Armor: leather chesplate (enchanted)

Health: 70 hearts( 140 half hearts)

Abilities: throwing his ax and double damage

Drop(s): Axe of the butcher and meat

Axe of the Butcher:

Sharpness 6 Unbreaking 4

Lore: The butcher is one of the most ruthless people known to man. He is known for being able to kill a human in just one swing and he goes around killing anyone he sees. He loves his axe more than anything in the world.. He can sometimes be seen with dual-wielded axes for double the damage.
Wandering Nomad
Armor: Brown leather chestplate

Health: 30 Hearts

Abilities: Heals quickly and does more damage the longer he is alive.

Drops: Nomadic Blade
Blood Demon
Summoned by: Demonic WarKing

Armor/Weaponry: Random assortment of iron and diamond armor plus a diamond sword

Type of Mob: Wither Skeleton

Amount Spawned: 4 - 8 at a time
Demonic Warking-
Armor: Red leather chestplate + legs

Health: 70 Hearts

Skills: Range and melee

Abilities: Throw fireballs, Summons Demons, Bloodbath (Does damage to all players around it)

Drops: Blood Dagger and Demonic Breastplate

lore: Born and raised from the deepest parts of the underworld( nether). He overthrew many kings to claim this spot and become the sole ruler of the underworld.

Blood Dagger
Damage: 14.5 attack damage

Enchants: Fire aspect II, Sharpness VI, Looting I, Unbreaking 10

Custom enchants: Lifesteal 2, Blood Bath 1 - 5

Drop Chance: 25%

Lore: A sword forged for the demonking by the blacksmiths of the overworld in exchange for a treaty between worlds. It is the only sword of its kind dealing an astounding 14.5 attack damage.
Demonic Breastplate
Drop Chance: 50%

Protection 5 Unbreaking 5 Blaze I (chance to set the opponent on fire while giving the wearer fire resistance) and Demonic Aura III (Chance to deal extra damage the opponent).

Lore: After the Demon Kings sword was completed he needed protection to ensure that it would be even harder to kill him and get his sword. So he threatened the blacksmiths to create him a chestplate with unimaginable power or he would destroy the overworld. The Blacksmiths made him the chestplate to save their world from total annihilation by the destroyer of worlds.
Armor: None

Health: 150 Hearts

Abilities: movies extremely quickly, bite (does extra damage to the player(s) it hits).

Drops: Wolf's Fangblade ( diamond sword with; wolf bite 1 - 5 , bloodbath 1- 5, and Life steal 1-5 ).

Weaknesses: Iron sword

lore: One of the most feared creatures on earth, he is swift and attacks furiously at the opponent doing tons of damage with each attack.
Wolf's Fangblade
Damage: 14.5 attack damage

Enchants: Sharpness VI, Looting I,

Custom enchants: Life steal 1 - 5,(chance to steal opponents health), Blood Bath 1 - 5, (chance to do extra damage to opponent) and wolfs bite 1 - 5 ( chance to cause bleed effect).

Drop Chance: 25%

Lore: A powerful weapon dropped by the wolf, has the chance to be extremely powerful or to be weak.

Tor'emgast The Unstoppable
Armor: None

Health: 300 hearts (600 half hearts)


Abilities: Shoot Fireballs, Lightning, and regenerates when low, summons creepers, and throws damage and posion potions.

Drops: Tor'emgast's Mystical wand (stick with magical abilities) and crystals (ruby, Summoner's, jade), and EKITS.

Tor'emgast's Mystical Wand
Damage: 10 hearts

Sharpness 9

Drop Chance: 50%
There are different crystals

Ruby Crystal (red dye): Can be traded for burnshield or blaze enchants.

Summoner's Crystal (quartz): Can be traded for Different rare mob spawners

Jade Crystal: Can be traded for the Emerald Dagger (sharpness 7 diamond sword)
HellForged Ekit

Eternal Flame Helmet:

Chestplate of Hades:

Lava Enchanced Leggings:

Devil's Boots:

A kit forged from the depths of hell and enchanted with powerful enchants that only the most legendary players can handle.
Oceanic Ekit

Lore: A set of gear looted from the depest parts of ocean temple

Nebula Destroyer
Armor: None

Health: 200 hearts (400 half hearts)

Skills: None

Abilities: Shoot Fireballs, Wither Heads, and regeneration when low, and Summoning ghasts, zombies, and creepers to fight for him when he gets low.

Drops: Potion of Purification (gives regeneration 4 for 50 secs), 5 - 15 Fireballs of Mass Destruction (Firecharge), Nebula Star (Nether star with sharpness 11), Nebula Chest

Lore: The Nebula Destroyer is the most powerful creature in the world. He goes around different galaxies and universes destroying entire civilizations overnight. It took the combined might and power of the blacksmiths and demonking to stop him temporally.

Nebula Star
Damage: 7 hearts

Enchants: Sharpness 12, Lifesteel 1 - 5, Decimate 1 - 3 (Chance to deal 2x more damage)

Drop Chance: 60%
Nebula Chest
A chest when right clicked has the chance to drop some legendary loot.

Possible Drops: Creeper eggs, Spawners (iron golem, blaze, villager), custom enchants, and sharp 6 sword unbreaking 4 sword.

Misc Mobs
Ram - 20 heart sheep that attacks you if its hit.
Bull - 30 heart cow and attacks when hit
Boar - 15 heart pig and attacks when hit
Bear - 50 heart sheep that attacks when hit

P.S These mobs are meant for factions server. Anyone can use anything in this blog post. If you do please p.m so I can see.

13 Update Logs

EKIT Update : 06/17/2018 10:13:32 pmJun 17th

New Drops: Oceanic and Hellforged Ekit (Elmental kits)

Ekits are new powerful ekits rarely dropped from bosses. They have untold power waiting to be discosvered and can change.

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This could totally be a cool server idea or a map... I'm gonna make a small demo, and send you it to show a proof of concept

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