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CyberBullying (Part 2)

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avatar MrNeonShot
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Hey guys, it's MrNeonShot.
Where should I begin... right! I GOT ON THE REEL!
Thank you, 206 people who read the blog, and the 14+ people who commented and weren't ticked off at my cyberbullying stuff. Now let's get serious.

First, I noticed a problem that some people on the post had to be retarded to kill yourself over the internet.

It's not about just the entirety of the internet that could make someone kill themselves. It's about the content which probably offends you so much, that you think everyone hates you, and then you kill yourself.

Which brings us to the Second thing. It's not an issue, but pointing out something.
nkishimoto says "People, or Victims in this case have completely forgotten the meaning of the word "disconnect". The internet is the soul embodiment of the first ammendment and as such you have to be ready to see, hear, or read absolutely anything (i.e. 4chan's /b/ forum)... However, it is up to the individual to determine that they themselves are physically and emotionally mature enough to handle the (PURPOSELY UNRATED) online interactions of video games before clicking the "log in" button."

nkishimoto makes an interesting point about this. Disconnecting is probably one thing you can do. 1. You wouldn't have to see this person again (le other person: That sounds good, but I really like this server/own this server).
The point of owning the server, is to control it. BAN THE JERK! The point of liking the server, nkishimoto also pointed out in her comment "The instant this girl saw that you (le me) didn't want to play nice -which was probably evident within minutes of your conversation-(It was), it should have been her cue to either alert a moderator or administrator of the situation"

While this can work most of the time, you should probably think about what I think Duray (le girl) thought about. 1. Is this how this person usually acts? and 2. Can't I just mute him? If the person doesn't usually act that way, give him/her 3 chances. If it stops shortly after, then it was just him/her raging at something COMPLETELY different from why he.she was being mean to you.
Muting totally helps! If he see's you have stopped talking to him, he will probably keep going until a higher authority gets on.

Contacting an Admin or Moderator: It usually works all the time, but in the case it happened like it did for me, there was a higher authority, but all she could do was temp ban. (Glad she was a good friend to Duray.) Again, do steps 1 and 2. If it fails, file the complaint. If that fails, leave. The server isn't worth your time if it does nothing to solve the problem.

And finally, to the guy who says "Oh god, not another CyberBullying blog -.-"
Yes. Yes it is ;P

But seriously, if you are a bully who does feel sorry (or just said a joke that offended somebody), do ALL you can to make it better, like TvBinMc, who says in that comment
"I was to joking girl in my class :( She was so sad :| I dont know why did I did it :| So now .. she helps me we are friends :) and yeah ... she tells me her news and all that kinda stuff :) and im so happy :)"

But always remember, it will never permanently go away, but you can do All you can to make up for it.
Thanks for reading, and I would like to hear (read :P) your thoughts below in the comments. Diamond if you like it, and if you don't, find something better or let me know what you thought.

PART ONE: http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/cyberbullying-2054927/

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DISCLAIMER: The staff of the server do not necessarily agree with what I say.
THANKS: To the people who do read this!

04/12/2013 4:04 pm
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And thx for subscribing me. I love these blogs.
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