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Dante's Tech Blog EP: 1 Difficulty Per Player

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avatar Awesome_Dante
Level 23 : Expert Warrior

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog series called "Dantes Tech"

This series is all about using existing plugins in awesome and useful ways.

For our first episode I am going to provide a method you can use to create
your own difficulty per player on your server

Please watch the short video demonstrating this:

This was all accomplished using Multi-Command (Batch Command Plugin)


by editing the config I was able to fully use my permissions plugin to disable certian features such as stat tracking, thirst immunity, disease immunity and etc.

Basically if your plugin supports exemptions, you can add it to Multicommand to create a difficulty

Since this plugin runs any sort of commands either from the player or from the console You can do pretty much anything... like sending title messages, which you may have to use unless you set up a complicated sudoing system as Multicommand does not support /msg or any of its alternatives through the console YET
Multi Command also supports delayed commands, so you can send delayed title messages like you saw in the video

I used groups in featherboard to acheive scoreboard switching. You can have different scoreboards for different permission nodes. It is generally a good idea to have a player have only one scoreboard permission.
In this exaple I used group manager commands to automatically remove and add permissions at certain times. This is to disable the scoreboard long enough so you can read the title messages

PLEASE NOTE: I am not the developer of any of the plugins I show in the blogs,
they are non exclusive, meaning you can find or purchase them.. I will link their pages here though.

Multi-command: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/multi-command/ (FREE) - HomerBond005
Featherboard (Optional): https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/featherboard.2691/ (12$) - Maximvdw

NOTE TO MODERATORS: This blog is not to showcase plugins, just different methods that they can be used.
All credit given where due.

Next episode will show you how to acheive the perfect drop cleaning system, by combining 2 plugins into one!

If you would like more details as well as a config please diamond this post and send me a message!
Or simply comment here. The diamond is optional but appreciated.
CreditAwesome_Dante, Maximvdw, HomerBond005

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