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Day Two of the Deranking!

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avatar Miescha
Level 16 : Journeyman Modder
Welcome back to the blog about Collegi Pixelmon, my little modded server! If you haven't read the previous blog I posted about what's going on, I'll fill you in quickly. We've opened our server after a year in the works, and in order to properly playtest, I've deranked myself. I, the owner, have the same perms as a noob player off the internet. Which, if I'm being honest, is pretty fun. And useful, as I'm uncovering gameplay bugs and permission errors along the way. My goal is to earn c500,000 and purchase the HM Fly, which is an endgame item on our server!

Let's start the day's adventures!

At the end of yesterday I'd made a house, a town, a farm, started a full pokemon team, and earned c7500. Not a bad day's work. But c500,000 is a loooong ways away, so I started off the day with some more mining in Aetheria. The infinite mines are probably my favorite thing by now, at least until I can start up a dumbly large farm. But in all honesty, living in the wilderness I doubt I'll have enough claimable chunks for my town to start a farm big enough. Since looting what isn't protected by Polis is allowed on Collegi, even without many players on makes me a bit nervous. Who knows who might try to steal from me?

And speaking of stealing, after my mining expedition I decided to explore the land around my house a bit... and discovered one of my player, SaurPuss, had a two only two biomes over from mine. So of COURSE I had to try and break in.

After much right clicking, I was pretty much confident I couldn't do anything. I couldn't open chests or use enchanting tables, couldn't break blocks, couldn't steal apricorns. BUT. I could use lifts. And the thing about Saur's base is that... her lifts aren't behind fences or walls. She also had a fence gate that I could play with, but that didn't do much but open and close.

Listen, I would never REALLY steal anything from her town. That's a warnable offense. But she left it open, and I'm a curious person, so I went underground into her lair. It's a cute lair! Lots of stairs and pretty grass. Most of her crops are underground, along with her chickens and pigs. (More on that later.) I still couldn't open any chests down there, or use her furnaces or hoppers. Couldn't break anything either, but I COULD RUN AROUND. So I did. And in so doing, I realized there was a pumpkin growing juuuuust close enough to the chicken coop for me to jump into the middle of it.

As it turns out, if there are eggs on the ground, you'll pick them up even if you're from a different town. And no one can stop you. So... maybe I have 13 eggs that I didn't have before. You can't prove anything. Of course, then I was trapped in the coop with no way of placing a block to get out. And I couldn't use the gate either. So I teleported back home with my 13 eggs. I mean... Saur's eggs. That I totally didn't steal.

But hey, I had eggs. And no chickens. I could not, at the time, recall if my developer Zyra had turned off throwing eggs to make baby chickens. And I had lots of birch to make fences with. As it turns out, she hadn't turned off chicken spawning. Fabulous. I now have a baby chicken. But WAIT! It's modded to have PIXELMON! You can't have vanilla mobs!

Listen. We have multi-worlds. We do what we want. As for Saur's pigs, I gave her those a while back. She asked nicely.

By the time I had all that done, it was time for work. So I ended the day with c10,000 and a new baby chicken! And while the fact that you can use lift signs in some one else's town is annoying, it's not a big enough problem to be called a bug. If you want to play on the server, just don't let lifts be accessible to outsiders. It's pretty simple. Now, I was going to do some more work after I got off... but my developer is a giant troll. Not only am I deranked... but also banned.

(I can unban myself from console at any point, don't worry. It's just late, and I'm sleepy.)

NEXT TIME~ I'll probably build a new house because my current one is way too small and hideous. And do more mining for money. Stay tuned!

Edit: I had some trouble falling asleep, so I've now mined up c20,000! ...Bedtime again, perhaps.
CreditSaurPuss (thanks for the base to explore darling)

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