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Dear Destiny, Why? | TheSilentWind

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avatar TheSilentWind
Level 41 : Master Enderdragon
Why is it that every time I almost accomplish something,
You'd always like to end it at the last moment?
Why do you enjoy watching me cry from the endings that you bring?
Or is this some kind of cruel way to tell me I shouldn't be hoping?

What is so entertaining for you to watch someone else suffer?
Why do you enjoy shattering someone's hope from high up in the air?
I wonder if you have ever felt the same way as I have, to be hopeful only to fall to my doom.
Is this a cruel, bitter way to tell me hope is too much to assume?

Why must you lie to my face and tell me that I should try again?
If what you wanted is to destroy it in the end?
Countless times have I fallen back for your lies,
You always give me hope to try again only for me to meet my own demise.
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