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Dear Sky Army #2

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Hey guys. Today is a follow up of my past blog, Dear Sky Army. First off, I made that blog to reach out to Sky Army fans trying to tell them to STOP THE BUDDER THING, it's annoying to other people, so on so on, exetra exetra (sorry if I spelled that wrong). Now, just because I did this, doesn't mean I don't like Sky. I think he's awesome, he's by far my favorite Youtuber of all time. But...I still think you guys are getting carried away. Number 2, I got SSSOOO many comments saying stuff like "yeah sky sucks" and stuff like that. The worst one I got called the Sky Army "illerate fools who deserve to be burned alive". Really? My one thing, if you think the Sky army is immature, and then you post THAT... Oh my gods man are you undermining your own argument!!! Also, that was for people in the Sky Army to read and get the point across,not for you to hate up the comment section. I did not delete any of these comment, including the burning alive one because I wanted to keep the comment section a "freedom of speech" zone. Now, just because I didn't delete them doesn't mean I LIKE them. On a totally different subject, sure you guys don't wanna hear me rant on, I am happy to say in one of Sky's new videos he DID tell to Sky Army to dumb it down, and I'm really really happy about that because I myself have seen a dramatic decrease of BUDDER comments. Welp, that's all for today, hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check me out at my youtube channel!! www.youtube.com/user/thegamergirlstothema . Stay sane guys, love budder, and GODNIGHT! OR MORNING! OR AFTERNOON! Depends on when your reading this! I'm dragging this on so BAI!
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