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DeeDee in 3 techniques

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Papa Enny avatar Papa Enny
Level 50 : Grandmaster Sailor
Dee Dee!

Short Explanation:
The first picture is the basis for the 2 others. By the second I had used smudge(finger swiping) and by the third the blur option went in use. The third picture was made as the second, but I had turned the queque by accident, the lineart wasn't connected to them all, I had to connect all separatiely to copy it on a new canvas. The reason for that move is, the alpha lock setting, If you create a new layer(the best is white) and put the lineart as a different layer above, you can remove the background from the lineart and alpha lock the white layer and then colour(it all will stay on the white parts, it won't go outside the lineart)

I am open for any kind of critique, I hope that this tiny presentation would inspire and could help by imagining what's the best for detailing.

Programme used:
Medibang Pro

Dee Dee belongs to Oggy and the Cockroaches


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