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Deep thoughts: One big mistake people do IRL but not in Minecraft

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Hey everybody, I decided to start a series of blogs called "Deep thoughts". This is self explanatory - I will be posting blogs about some of my not too deep thoughts (too deep thoughts will not be posted to prevent drowning...) that I think will interest you and I can relate them somehow to Minecraft. (because blogs that aren't related to Minecraft/PMC are not allowed)
This is actually the second blog of the Deep Thoughts series, the first one is "The meaning of life" where I compare the real life with the life in Minecraft to explain my opinion about the meaning of life.
In this series of blogs, I don't ask for diamonds and favorites (if I could, I would disable diamonds here and instead add a poll with a "agree" , "disagree" and "IDK" options) - I only ask for comments. I want to know what you think about my ideas and I want to know about different opinions about the same topics, so please comment!
Blogs of this kind will be very rare as most of my thoughts are too weird and it is hard for me  to relate them to Minecraft, or even write them in English...

The one big mistake most people (if not all of them...) do in real life but not in Minecraft, and surprisingly don't even notice this mistake: Believing without checking.
I'm not taking only about religion - it is much more than this. When someone tells us something about Minecraft we try to do/find it in the game. In real life when someone tells us something we don't go to check it, even if we can. I don't say it is bad to believe, of course you can believe someone you trust when he says something. But if anyone, even if you trust him, tells you about something very serious/big it is always better to check it to make sure he didn't get something wrong. Also people should think about the little things that happen around them, like things people are just used to do without a known reason. Try to think about some things that people just live with them without thinking about it, try to figure out the reason of some things, and you'll see some of these things are wrong but everyone just got used to it.
ok this looks like I gave you an idea for experiment that has a high chance to not work, so I will have to take it to religion, sadly... A good example of something many people just live with and don't think about the option that it's wrong - religion. I don't say ALL the believers never asked themselves why do they believe in God, or why others do. But there are many people like this, they don't consider the possibility of them being wrong. I don't say it is wrong to believe in God or something, I just say it is wrong to not check why do you believe and if you decided to believe because you thought about it enough and it doesn't just SOUNDS real.

The reason we don't do this mistake in Minecraft is that we come there when we already know that people lie and do mistakes, when from birth we hear stories and told that they are true, we just grow believing without remembering when and why did we believe it. We will not think about the possibility of it being wrong until someone else asks us why do we believein it, or why we aer doing something.

That's it for now, please share your thoughts about it. Also please don't start debating about religion, it is not the topic of this blog and I didn't write here that religion is wrong. For me, what's more important is what people's belief makes them to do.

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