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Deer: Original Series {Part 4}

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Level 32 : Artisan Pixel Painter
He saw rustling in the bushes. Grey shapes appeared from the shrub. Red eyes, yellow blood stained teeth. "Oy mate, you in the Forest of Arkania, eh? How dare you step one foot here!" The wolf shouted. The squirrels and the shy deer next to him looked stunned, as if the Wolves who just appeared were not supposed to be here or something. Then the deer next to me backed away, shaking like he had just seen a hedgehog fly or something. Then I said, "H-hey... Do you OWN this forest?" The wolf with the accent spoke again. "Oy eh, we are the guardians for the King and Queen!" Then a scrawnier wolf commented, "Yeah, yeah!" in a higher pitched voice.
He wondered where the bunny and the little girl went, maybe there's a castle or something near by. "Hey deer, where are you looking, SPACE?" Then he let out a guffaw of laughter. He ignored what the wolf said and asked, "Where is the castle, I'd like to see the princess." The wolf looked surprised. "Eh? The princess? I see.. its that type of..." Then he interrupted, "No its NOT!" The wolf ignored his rudeness. "So, what do they call you, mate?" "They call me... Stripewinkle." He said proudly.
"Stripewinkle? Such an odd name, no?" The other wolves chuckled. "Silence!" the wolf said. "Now then, they call me Alpha. It eh.. uh...is a common name for us Alphas of the packs." Alpha said. Then Stripewinkle nodded and replied, "Yes, which way is the castle?" "Oh, right, its that a way," He pointed with his muzzle towards the path that led to large mid-evil looking structure. "Okay thanks" He said, nodding. The wolves did not look displeased with him anymore, they just stared with their red, beady eyes. His spine still shivered at the looks of the Alpha's eyes. Large, red, and scary. He, and the shy deer who had chased him, along with the squirrels walked along the path, silently.
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