Deer: Original Series {Part 1}

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Level 32 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Gun shots in the distance, animals dashing, the moon floating over head. The hunt had been successful, at least, for the humans. For the Deer, they lost, Miserably. The humans had killed the leader, and now, they had to agree to a new one. "Alright! Stripetail, come forward. We have agreed to have you as our leader. Stripewinkle, will be your new name." All the deer in the Arranged Clearing barked their agreements, except one in the corner. He had never, ever, cheered for anything. He was lonely, little, and never did anything with others. The only thing he did was, well, anything as long as it was not with other Deer. The deer lived on a small island, in the pacific ocean. though they were far from the mainland, here was still humans around, and lots this summer. Maybe even more than last year. They have had hard times, even the other pack. When they meet, there is almost always humans watching them. Sometimes, its so embarrassing they have to run away. Then the packs split, and don't even have the chance to speak to each other.
"Okay! Um... we shall appoint... A new.. um... Deputy! Um... Heavy-" Then a Deer interrupted him. "HEY! Get it together already!" Then all the Deer started to walk away in the the shadows on the edge of the clearing. "Awe.... Hey wait Heavyhooves! You-" "I don't want it anyways, Mosquito-Brain!" Stripewinkle whimpered at Heavyhooves'
words. His day wasn't going well, Especially when he couldn't even appoint a new Deputy! Now he just went out, and ate some grass to calm him down, maybe he'll find some beetles too.
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