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Deranked and still doing owner duties!

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avatar Miescha
Level 16 : Journeyman Modder
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Welcome back again to my Collegi Pixelmon blog, where I explore the day-to-day testing, playing and upgrading of my server! While I usually play as a noob even though Collegi is my baby, today I had to do more than just money making. My goal is still c500,000 so that I can legitimately buy HM Fly, but in so doing we had a few things that needed to be adjusted today. And now I'm tired, so this blog is probably going to be short.

Today I was asked by my bae Cold3st, who plays on Collegi a lot, if it was possible to refresh the gyms. Now, that's a difficult thing to do. We'd had the gyms set to only be playable once per player, and to let everyone take another crack at them, I'd have to reprogram all the trainers individually.

Well, that happened anyway.

See I went into our discord server to do a little poll with players and other staff members to ask if they'd rather just do gyms once, or have gyms be battle-able once a real day for pokemon leveling purposes. Most wanted gyms to be repeatedly battle-able. I was a bit concerned.

Each battle with the normal trainers awards c250, and the leader awards c1000. There are between 6-10 trainers per gym, so obviously that's a lot of money to be able to earn every day, especially when you factor in the fact that so far on the server we have 11 fully constructed gyms. You can also challenge the Elite Four once a day (this policy was already in place) and though the E4 is more difficult to battle as they're higher levels, they award c1000 per E4 and c5000 from the champion. The numbers were quickly adding up. If you had an elite level 100 team of pokemon you could jump on once a day, battle a few times, and make a LOT of money very quickly. This fact isn't good for our economy and for player longevity - players would become quickly bored with the server and move on.

So instead, we have a new system. Gyms are now once a day events, but the only money you earn is from the badges. Since badges are only awarded by the leader, you would have to battle most if not all the trainers to get them, and then you can take the badges to export and sell them for c1000. Each.

This way, people that want to collect badges can do so on their first round through the gyms and then earn money each round after. Or, people who don't care about collectibles can just get rid of he badges that would just take up chest space.

Because I reset the gym trainers, I was finally able to properly test a gym. Since I could go back and beat some of the easy gyms again, it was a simple matter to fly though a couple and use those gyms to test not only that the trainers works as they should and the loot system works as it should, but also the new export shop that I'm going to talk about... now.

This had the unfortunate effect of making a lot of work for me. Not only did I have to reset all the gym trainers and leaders, I also had to create a new custom shopkeeper so that badges could become exportable items. I don't know if anyone knows much about the pixelmon mod shopkeepers, but they are HARD to create. It takes three config files just to add the one shop. And if you make a mistake and break shops, it despawns ALL the shops within loaded chunks.

I bet you guessed it. I broke all the shops while I was updating.

So not only did I have to reset all the gym trainers, I also had to reset all the shopkeepers today. But the end result was recyclable gyms, sellable badges, and a new export shopkeeper. Yay.

Once that was done I was able to make some more money, mostly by crafting love balls. I did spend some more time in the Zensea Mines as well.

Guys, I'm tired. I'm going to bed. I finished the day with lots of owner duties done, two gym badges that I turned into money, and c376,662. Just under c125,000 to go.

PS: My Venusaur isn't hacked, that's just a halloween skin.

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