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Deranking: Three Fast, Three Furious

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avatar Miescha
Level 16 : Journeyman Modder
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Just... don't ask about the title.

So! Hi and welcome to day three of the Collegi Pixelmon blog, where I detail my days on my server as a normal player rather than an overpowered owner. If you haven't seen these blogs before, it's cool! I'll do a quick overview. Basically, now that our server is open to the public, I wanted to do a final sweep and bug test, so that as new players trickle in I can be sure they're getting the best, least difficult experience on Collegi as possible. Permissions are a huge part of that, so in order to make sure all permissions and plugins are as they should be, I deranked myself to a basic noob player. My goal is to earn c500,000 in server currency and buy an end game item, HM Fly, without using any creative mode or cheats. And while I play on the server my developer Zyradyl and I have created, I'm uncovering small things that need to be tweaked and tweaking them.

As of yesterday I'd made c20,000, caught a pokemon team, and tested some of the server features like the infinite mine and our town system, Polis. I found and fixed some permission errors in our lock plugin, and protected the Aetheria world hub. I also stole eggs from Saur's town.

Today has been a lot slower. Today I decided that I needed a better way of making money rather than just running around in Aetheria's infinite mines. Don't get me wrong! They're a great way to earn quick income. But baking and farming earns more money with less effort, provided you know what to do. And since I created the economy... I think I have some idea.

Pumpkin pies are worth c20 each. Compare that to diamonds, which by themselves are only worth c50. We all know that sugar cane grows like weeds. And pumpkin stalks will make pumpkins forever as long as you don't break them. Eggs are the only difficult part. You need chickens and hoppers and chests... it's a pain in the butt to get started. But oh so lucrative when the system is set up. So basically, I dug and mined a hill on my island down to flat land this morning to start a pumpkin farm. As for my four chickens that I've been breeding... I still needed hoppers and a chest.

Well that turned out to be easy. I had plenty of iron (I was saving it to make pokeballs but oh well) and lots of birch around, so I quickly constructed a pen... right before I remembered chickens can escape under hoppers. Of course. So I threw away the fences and built a glass chicken box because who needs comfort for their chickens? If you try to give them comfort they just escape. Can't be soft on chickens. After I'd trapped them all in their glass, watery cage, it was just time to plant the sugar cane, the pumpkins, and feed the chickens seeds to get even more chickens.

I unfortunately didn't get to make any money today, aside from testing out the new pumpkin pie farm. Which even so, c1280 per stack is good money. I'm gonna have to expand the farm. And since I was mostly just building and farming, I didn't happen to come across any bugs today either. I didn't get a chance to do any travelling or city building... I still need a new house though. It was a quiet and relatively smooth day, waiting for crops to grow and baby chicks to mature. There wasn't even any pokemon battling! I have a pretty stable vanilla minecraft setup waiting for me now, so that I can focus on the pokemon side of things later.

This day does prove, however, that pokemon aren't a necessity on our server to make it enjoyable. The economy in itself is challenging enough, and while pokemon add a new dimension, we could easily install a few vanilla dungeons and have just as much fun. In my opinion, anyways. I'm probably just attached to the server after a year's work on it.

I ended the day with a pumpkin pie farm, c21,254, a still ugly house, and a full team of pokemon with the highest level 20. There were no bugs today, exciting! And now it is rest time.


Darling Zyra,

You're wonderful, gorgeous, talented, ridiculously smart, and an amazing friend. You're everything I could ever ask for in a dev for Collegi, and I'm blessed to have you. We have a wonderful thing going here with our little corner of minecraft and I can't wait to share it with other players.

Stop banning me for AFK farming.

Seriously if I wanted to cheat I could just reinstate my owner perms from the console at any time. I could then go into creative and gather whatever materials I wanted and shove them in a chest to use later. We both have access to it, and I think I've unbanned myself enough now. "/ban miescha afk haxxor elite pro plus" is not a real reason to ban some one. What are you even doing at this point. I've been banned four times in the last two days and I'm playing with the singular goal of not cheating. How is this a thing. Why. I don't have an AFK pool. I don't even know HOW to build an AFK pool.


P.S Install MCMMO for me :D

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