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Derek Lycan Is Still Alive!?! MyStreet Season 6 Theory

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avatar NinjaGirl2024
Level 51 : Grandmaster Ninja
Hey guys NinjaGirl here and welcome back to another theory! Today's theory is based on episode eight part 2 and how Aaron's father could still be alive.. How you may ask well let me tell you!

  • So we know that Rachel is dead due to the GF (Guardian Forces) killed her and it was shown on the tv in the resort house that Aaron stayed in (MyStreet S8 ep. 8 pt. 2)
  • We know that Melissa was killed (MyStreet Season 5 ep. 4) due to Michael controlling one of the GF guards and commanded him to kill her
  • Now we know that Derek turned himself in causing the GF to know where his family was staying (MyStreet S5 ep 4)
  • Now even though it stated on the tv in episode 8 that Aaron was the last Lycan alive I highly doubt it due to the fact that no one knows that Aaron's father turned himself in to the GF

Here are my reasons to believe that Aaron's father is still alive. If you have any other ideas on how Aaron's father is alive please list them in the comments section down below and I will add your username and reason for credit! Thank you!

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Hey i have a request can you pls make a derek lycan skin for my friend pls and thank you
I don't mind
  • NinjaGirl2024
  • Level 51
  • Grandmaster Ninja
  • November 2, 2018, 12:53 pm
Um I'm currently not doing any requests at the moment due to school and everything but if your friend can wait till Thanksgiving then i will be happy to make the skin for him then when I am not slammed with schoolwork! :)
Everyone knows he was taken have you not seen episode 1-7?
Yes but the tv just said that Aaron Lycan is the last of his family alive didn't you pay attention to ep 8? That's why I'm saying he's alive because the tv said that he is dead!
He is dead.. All of them are dead
That's why I have a theory saying he is alive because they didn't declare his death!!!
You sure about that? Aaron didn`t watch the TV before now so the news already been on TV.
Actually the news was live because Michael just said they installed new tvs and were meant to go on at the exact time the news was being recorded so they can show Aaron the news of his mother's death to hopefully make him turn into an ultima which he did and killed Ein!! YAYAYAYAYAYYAYA!!!

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